How to get Melbourne airport short term parking?

Are you planning on parking at Melbourne airport short term parking to catch a flight or pick up a passenger? Read this short guide to help you navigate the Orlando Melbourne International Airport’s parking options (MLB).

At Melbourne Airport, there are three major parking areas:

  • Short-Term Parking
  • Long-Term Parking
  • Cell Phone Waiting Area

Whether you’re flying out or dropping off guests, Melbourne airport short term parking is simple. The parking spaces are only a few feet away from the terminal, making them quite handy. During bad weather, covered pathways to MLB long and short-term parking keep visitors safe. Near the terminal, there are disabled parking spots accessible. The cost of parking at Melbourne Airport varies based on the lot and length of stay, so please see the table below for details.

Parking for a Limited Time

Location: Across from the terminal of the airport

Type: a large number

Walking distance to the terminals

Because it is situated just across the terminal, the Melbourne airport short term parking lot is the most convenient choice. As a result, the parking lot are often full.

Waiting Area for Cell Phones

Customers who do not wish to park to pick up incoming passengers may use the dedicated mobile phone lot at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport. The parking lot is extremely simple to find and is completely free. The parking spot is labeled “Cell Phone Lot” and is situated on the “Return to Terminal.” You must stay in your car in the mobile phone parking lot for the length of your visit. While you wait, you may check real-time Airport Arrivals on your phone.

Melbourne airport short term parking

Handicap/Accessible Parking

Baseball disabled parking spots are conveniently placed near the station. In the airport parking lot closest to the terminal, disabled parking is designated as “handicap” parking spots.

A specialized staff of Passenger Service Agents works at Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Agents are ready to assist handicapped passengers with parking, baggage, wheelchairs, and other issues after and before all scheduled flights.

Q&A about Melbourne Airport Parking

  1. Are there any off-airport parking alternatives at MLB that are less expensive?

A: Several off-airport parking spaces are available near Melbourne Airport. In comparison to the airport lots, the majority of them provide extremely low parking fees. It’s worth noting that off-site parking near the MLB nearly usually requires prior reservations.

  1. How much fixes it cost to park at the MLB Airport?

A: Parking at Orlando Melbourne International Airport is usually less expensive than at other neighboring airports. For exact rates and information for each parking spot, please see the table above.

  1. Can I reserve parking at MLB Airport in advance?

No, it isn’t. Parking is not accessible for pre-booking. However, you may pre-book parking in off-airport sites for cheaper than MLB parking prices.

Overview of the Melbourne airport short term parking

The Orlando Melbourne International Airport, located outside of Melbourne, Florida, offers rescheduled, charter, and conventional aircraft services. It has links all over the globe and is served by top airlines. It is located 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) northwest of downtown Melbourne, Florida, and 50 miles southeast of Orlando. MLB Airport is 2,800 acres in size and has three asphalt runways (1,133 ha).

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Melbourne airport short term parking

Facts and Figures about Airports
  • In April 2017, ‘Privately’ named Melbourne airport short term parking Airport one of the “Top 10 Most Scenic Airport Landings.”
  • Every year, the airport is expected to service about 430,000 people.
  • Because the airport is part of the Melbourne city budget, it does not receive local tax money.
Traveling Tips for Airports
  • Melbourne Airport usually opens at 4:30 a.m. and closes after the last aircraft of the day.
  • To allow for security wait periods and potential delays, you should be at the airport at least 2 hours before your planned departure.
  • Before you get at the airport, you should go through the MLB airport map.
  • Make sure you read the security screening rules before proceeding, since security personnel have the ultimate word on whether or not an item may pass.
Availability of Flights
  • Arriving flight status tells you all you need to know about the airport gate, arrival timings, and any delays.
  • Departing flight status shows the planned vs actual departure time, any delays, and map tracking for departing flights.
  • To obtain the cheapest prices, book a flight via MLB.
Terminals at airports

There are two concourses at MLB Airport: an international concourse and a domestic concourse. Please see the MLB Airport Terminal Map for further information.

Serviced by Airlines

American Airlines, American Eagle, Delta Airlines, and other airlines fly into MLB Airport.

Parking at the Airport

Parking is provided at MLB and is just a few feet away from the planes. To keep visitors safe, there are covered pathways and designated disability spots. It also has a free mobile phone parking area for tourists’ convenience.

Melbourne airport short term parking

Transportation on the Ground

When it comes to ground transportation for guests after arriving at the airport, you have numerous choices. The MLB airport lets you decide if bus services or airport shuttles are more convenient for you. For optimum comfort, travelers may also utilize cab or limousine services.

Bus and subway services are available

Passengers may easily connect to famous Florida locations from Melbourne’s Greyhound Lines bus station. For your convenience, the Melbourne Airport Express offers a door-to-door pickup service. The Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT) makes getting around Brevard County a breeze. It also obeys with the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing wheelchair accessible.

Taxis are available

Travelers may choose from a variety of cab options. For a great travel experience, passengers may contact Cab to Go, Flash Cab, Gateway Travel Connection, and many more providers.

Services provided by limousines

The different limousine services are for you if you want to travel in luxury. Luxury rides are available from companies such as Brevard Executive Limo, Celebrity Limo, Classic VIP Limo, Destiny Limo, and many more.

Hotels that provide complimentary transportation

Ground transportation is provided by the Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront, Hilton Rialto Place, and the Suburban Extended Stay.

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