What is the source of the high cost of airport parking?

When you get at the airport and discover that your airport parking fee is costlier than the flight you just arrived on, there are few things more irritating. It’s the supplementary costs associated with travel — luggage fees, booking fees, and seat fees.

That leave a sour taste in people’s mouths, not the actual transportation itself. Even though airport parking costs are the exclusive responsibility of the airport and not the airline, excessive airport parking fees may have a negative impact on the overall travel experience.

Melbourne Airport Parking has a reputation for having the easiest short-term parking in the world, costing a toe-curling $12 to use their car park for only one to two hours. If you’re looking for a more affordable short-term parking option, you should go elsewhere.

Which Kind of Airport Parking Is Best for You?

Airport parking choices have evolved and grown in recent years. Several different kinds of parking are available at medium- and large-sized airports, with prices varying according to convenience and distance from the terminal.

Airport Parking-Short Term

The majority of short-term parking facilities are situated near airport terminals. They are handy, but they are also costly. A short-term parking lot is a parking lot that is intended for individuals who are dropping off and picking up passengers. If you park your vehicle in a short-term lot overnight, you will be charged a hefty fee for the privilege of doing so.

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Parking lots and garages are much more costly than long-term parking lots, but they are significantly less expensive than short-term parking lots. Daily parking facilities are often situated within a short driving distance of the airport’s main terminal building. If the daily parking lots are not directly next to the terminal building, most airports provide shuttle service between the lots and the terminal building.

Long-Term / Satellite Communications

Long-term parking lots, also known as satellite parking lots, are often located a long distance away from the airport. For your suitability, a shuttle service will be provided to the terminal. The prices are much cheaper than those charged for short-term or daily parking. Long-term parking is perfect for anybody who needs to keep their vehicle in the parking lot for a period beyond a few days.


Valet parking is available at certain airports. Even though this airport parking service is very handy, you will be charged for the privilege of using it. For the first two hours, you can expect to get paid between $6 and $10 per hour. Some airport valet facilities do not provide overnight parking, while others do.


Many airports in the United States are seeing an increase in the number of private parking lots. They often provide cheaper prices than the airport’s long-term parking charges, which are typically higher. They also provide a vehicle service to and from the terminal at the airport. Some places will even wash your vehicle for you while you are gone.

Make a reservation for an airport shuttle

Some airport shuttle vans and buses allow you to book a spot in advance, depending on where you reside in the world. The driver will come to your location and drop you off at your residence. Due to the possibility that your driver may be picking up more passengers, be sure you leave enough of time to arrive to the airport.

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Park and ride lots are available

Our Value Car Park is a good choice if you’re intending on staying for a long old-fashioned of time or just want to get the best deal conceivable. Service buses leave the Value Car Park every 15 minutes from 4am to 1am, seven days a week. Outside of these hours, a caretaker transport facility is available.

Excellent value for money

A fantastic low-cost other for getting access to all terminals in a matter of minutes. If you’re on a tight cheap, our Value Car Park is the perfect solution.

Courtesy bus service is provided

Service buses leave the Value Car Park every 15 notes from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m., Monday through Friday. You’ll be at the entrance in no time, thanks to the stops at each terminal along the way.

Outside in the fresh air

Value is an open-air space lot that is ideal for longer trips or for those on a tight budget.

Parking for persons with disabilities

Our Value Car Park offers nearby parking for those with disabilities. Messenger buses are also accessible to people with incapacities and are wheelchair-friendly as well.

Find the most affordable airport parking rates at Melbourne International Airport.

With our Price Match Guarantee, you can say goodbye to outrageously high parking rates. In the event that you find a lower parking cost from another business, please notify us and we will match it – guaranteeing it! Where is the sense in wasting money on costly parking fees when you can spend it on shopping sprees or a nice dinner?

Secure a parking spot now!

You may leave your car parked outdoors or in the garage while you’re out of town since Melbourne is a reasonably secure city to do so. When it comes to your stuff, though, it isn’t only criminals who need to be concerned about it.

Weather conditions and tiny creatures may do more damage to your vehicle than you might think. Have you ever had a stray dog use your vehicle as a step ladder to go to anything higher up in the house? Scratches may be found everywhere.

This is one of the details why the Melbourne Airport parking lot is so handy. While you’re gone, your automobile is being watched around the clock, making it a secure vehicle storage facility. There are no concerns about your car being left unattended for an extended period of time, or about stray animals or accidents damage it.

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Benefit from perks such as car detailing services

Don’t be fooled into thinking that low charges imply low quality service. We at Alpha take great pleasure in ensuring that every client is completely pleased. Enjoy complete valet service as well as complimentary shuttle transportation to and from Tullamarine Airport. Allow our side to take care of your transportation while you’re gone. Make your selection from one of our car detailing packages and your vehicle will be looking and smelling like new by the time you return from your trip.

Car Parking at Melbourne International Airport at the Lowest Prices

Whatever your financial situation, we have the appropriate solution for you – and all at very reasonable prices…. Request a quotation or contact our customer service department right now. You are just a phone call or a few clicks away from finding the best airport parking bargain.

Short and long-term parking is available from dawn to dusk

Are you planning to go abroad for a few months but don’t have someone to care after your car? When you choose our long-term parking option at Melbourne Airport, we will keep it secure while not draining your wallet of its contents. Leave your vehicle at our auto storage facility for as little as $7 per day, for as long or as petite a time as you need. We’re open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week (except on school and public holidays), so please contact us immediately.

Parking is available in both open air and covered areas

Do you have less than ten dollars to spend on parking? There’s nothing to worry about. If you reserve outdoor parking at our Melbourne facility in advance, you can offer your vehicle a place to stay for as little as $7 per day over the holidays.

Your vehicle will be safe and secure if the weather conditions are favorable. If you’re concerned about the option of rain or a storm, reserve an inside parking spot rather than outside parking. Although it may cost a little additional than driving in the open air, your car will be protected from bird droppings as well as potential damage from UV rays, hail, and rainfall.

Be sure your car is safe

Treadmill tires normally lose air pressure over time, so ensure sure your tires are inflated to their maximum pressure before you leave the house. When driving, even if you have the handbrake on. It is a good idea to place a block on one or all of your wheels. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep the fuel tanks of diesel vehicles full, while the fuel tanks of gasoline vehicles should be almost empty. The reason for this is because gasoline is volatile and degrades with time. While diesel can be kept for an lengthy length of time. Your battery should be completely charged before you leave. So that the possibility of returning to your vehicle with a depleted battery is eliminated.

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