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The time has come for you to start driving lessons now that you have your learner driver’s licence. Wow, you did a fantastic job! You should be pleased with yourself and optimistic about the future. Some of you may similarly be perplexed about what to expect during your first driving lesson. What will happen during your driving lesson organised with the Royal Driving School Essendon Fields?

So, there’s no need to stress! The first time you drive a vehicle, it’s not as terrifying as you would imagine. What occurs in your first driving lesson is typically more informal and easygoing than the rest of your driving lessons.

Your first day with your driving instructor at Essendon Fields

Essendon Fields is a fantastic area to start learning to drive if this is your first time on the road. Learner drivers in Essendon Fields benefit from one of the most beginner-friendly driving environments in the country, thanks to the area’s extensive network of paved roads, plenty of calm backstreets and parking lots for practice, and availability of professional driving instructors.


Royal Driving School Essendon Fields

Royal Driving School Essendon Fields: Your First Driving Lesson

Getting picked up

Your driving instructor from Royal Driving School Essendon Fields can pick you up from your home or a local store to make things easier for you. Or, even at a different time and location of your choice, whether it’s before school or after work (within reason).

Learning to drive in your own vehicle requires that you have your learner plates displayed prominently so that other drivers may see them while you’re on the road. The vast majority of learner drivers, on the other hand, will be learning to drive in the vehicle of a driving instructor and will already have learner plates (and signage or car wrap).

First driving lesson tips

Make a list of everything you’ll need for your driving lesson and bring it with you. This will include your learner’s permit, your logbook, and anything else you may need with you when traveling (including water).

It is advisable that you begin with driving lessons in Essendon Fields at your home address. If for whatever reason, you fail to bring anything, you’ll be in trouble. But you’ll have no trouble finding it in your home, which is closer to you in this case. 

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Royal Driving School Essendon Fields

The basics of driving a car

As soon as you get behind the wheel, your driving instructor in Essendon Fields will likely undertake a walk-through of the dashboard and car controls with you to ensure you know how to handle the vehicle.

It would help if you also spent some time adjusting the driver’s seat and the rearview mirrors to find a position that is both comfortable and allows you to readily reach all of the car’s functions and observe the immediate surroundings.

First driving lesson tips

You don’t have to know everything about the car you’ll be driving before you get behind the wheel, but knowing a little bit about it ahead of time can take some of the bitterness out of the learning curve.

When you book a driving instructor with Royal Driving School Essendon Fields, you can see what kind of car they drive before the lesson. As a result, you’ll be able to research the car’s interior/dashboard layout before your session even starts.

Before your very first driving session, we at Royal Driving School explain your driving instructor’s automobile.

It’s your first time behind the wheel

Finally, expect to drive around in a quiet backstreet or parking lot for a short time. Since the first half of your session will have already covered your understanding of the car controls, it’s unlikely that you’ll drive very far. Instead, you’ll just be required to obtain a feel for the vehicle to better prepare for your next driving lessons. Because this is the first day, you may feel like facing a driving test at Essendon Fields. However, this is not the case.

First driving lesson tips

Relax and pay attention to the road, and follow your instructor’s directions. When driving in dark or misty conditions, remember to slow down and maintain a safe following distance between you and any cars in front of you on the road if possible.

Royal Driving School Essendon Fields

Getting a grip on the fundamentals

You won’t be asked to accomplish anything complicated in your first driving lesson, and no previous driving experience is required. Even if you know how to reverse parallel park for your first driving lesson in Essendon Fields, your instructor is unlikely to be aware of this and will not expect you to do it on your first day with them.

As an alternative, driving school Essendon Fields will teach you the fundamentals of controlling the vehicle and the importance of safe driving practices. Most likely, your responsibilities will include starting and moving off from the curb, parking, and maybe learning a few other essential skills.

First driving lesson tips

Do not attempt to hurry your first driving lesson because you have already practiced with a parent or a friend before you meet with a professional driving instructor. During your driving session, your driving instructor from Royal Driving School Essendon Fields will be able to assess your level of skill rapidly.

Using mirrors

Everything in your rearview mirrors will seem backward, as you’ve probably experienced with other mirrors. Emergency vehicles, including ambulances, have their descriptions printed backward on the front so that drivers will not easily mistake them for anything else. It’s for visibility in the rearview mirror so that you can get out of the way quickly.

Objects in the rearview mirror may also be closer than they look, so keep an eye out. Most rear view mirrors have a piece of advice printed on them. When the car behind you is two car widths distant, it may seem like you have six car lengths of room behind you.

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