Coloured glass splashback

Doubts You Should Clarify About Coloured Glass Splashback

Versatile, strong, and breathtaking wonder architects and designers around the world are using glass splashbacks. As manufacturers and installers of safe, secure and immaculate glass solutions, the top 5 benefits of glass splashbacks are here.

Complete customization phase

A coloured glass splashback is perfectly customizable, guaranteeing custom kitchen designs. This makes the placement of GPO and the incorporation of appliances a breeze while opening up other possibilities for a splashback, including kitchen, commercial and corporate use.

Versatility in architecture

Painted flashbacks

You’ll find that you can achieve just about any coloured glass splashback, varying from solid to metallic shades, supplying you with a genuinely flexible style. As a result of naturally occurring iron oxide present in ingredients used for glass manufacture, glass goods, like splashbacks, may have a faint green hue.

Printing and graphics

Printed glass splashbacks are perfect for this bold, genuinely original and beautiful style statement. From a picture of a natural landscape to a patterned digital template, to an image created to imitate marble or tiled splashbacks—the options are infinite.

Coloured glass splashback

Mirror choices

When the suburban landscape is changing rapidly to smaller and more compact dwellings, optimizing space has never been more critical. Mirrored splashbacks perform well to maximize the kitchen’s space by magnifying the room’s view and natural light by reflection.

Power and Defence

A coloured glass splashback is generally more durable and scratch-resistant compared to stainless steel and tiled equivalents. On top of that, glass splashbacks are reinforced by a series of tight heating and cooling procedures.

Simple to keep it tidy

Compared to the tiled options, the glass splashbacks are smooth and flawless, resulting in much easier cleaning and maintenance. In most situations, microfiber fabric and some water are what you need.

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