Coloured Glass Splashbacks to Boost Your Kitchen’s Appeal

Are you looking for something truly unique to display in your newly renovated kitchen? Using bright and vibrant coloured glass splashbacks for the kitchen behind the stove or sink may be the perfect way to provide a genuine sense of luxury and glamour to the space.

They are easy to put together, are manufactured to order, and are assured to look fantastic for years and years to come! As a unique and contemporary method to breathe new life into a space. We believe they are almost impossible to surpass in terms of value for money. Your room may be neutral, off-white, or soft pastel in colour—one of these beauties may be the final touch you’ve been looking for.

Trending Coloured Glass Splashbacks for 2022

A trendy glass splashback in the perfect tone or hue to complement or contrast will help make your home the talk of the neighborhood!

As we all know, colour can elicit a wide range of emotional responses. There are websites devoted to the psychology of colour, including what colours match with what and when you should avoid certain colours. Red represents a blaze of passion, life, and vigor. The colour orange evokes feelings of exhilaration, pleasure, and warmth. It has been shown that Brown helps people acquire a feeling of security, stability, and dependability.

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Colured Glass Splashbacks

In terms of interior design, these same colour selections will impact us from the time we walk through the door, take a look around, and form that initial impression. With rich reds, you may expect your heart to start pounding. But you can feel the love with the cheerful colours of yellow!

Coloured glass splashbacks for hobs come in various colours and designs, which may be overwhelming at times. We all need a little assistance from time to time to maintain a little focus on our thoughts. When the fountain of creativity runs dry, we devised something that can act as a little nudge.

Bold & Black-Coloured Glass Splashbacks

We had to start with the colour that has to be the most successful in creating a true statement in your space.

The use of black as a distinctive kitchen splashback colour or bathroom backsplash colour (try saying that fast…) is both elegant and striking! As if by magic, black shines through with a depth and clarity that takes one’s breath away, printed on the backside of our crystal transparent glass.

Allow it to shine as an accent colour against a white design to create a striking contrast. Black is certain to draw attention and elevate your space to the pinnacle of contemporary kitchen design.

In addition to being popular for Coloured Glass Splashbacks, black is also trendy on the high street this season. Some of the earthenware and metal dining accessories that are offered are quite appealing to us.

The deep, rich, glossy blacks of vinyl and leather seats and stools are a fantastic choice. Be bold by using black in the kitchen to offset other more neutral or contrasting colours. It will be really attractive and on-trend for a long period.

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Colured Glass Splashbacks

White Color Ideas with a Wow-Factor

Like black, white is a hue that goes with a wide variety of kitchen colour schemes. It may be used as a neutral accent colour or as a complement to soft pastels. White-coloured glass splashbacks bring a sense of relaxed refinement to any area.

Worktops in grey or brown, cabinets in off-white and cream, even stone or granite. White is a versatile colour that can be used to tie any design together.

While white may really be the colour that unifies a place. It can also bring different shades and colours closer together when used in conjunction with brightly coloured glass splashbacks.

A light-filled country or modern-styled kitchen would benefit from the addition of white glass splashbacks since they are both fresh and attractive to the eye. All of our glass splashbacks have been meticulously printed on the reverse, ensuring that they will never fade or blemish, even when the colour palette is delicate and delicate.

Gorgeous green-coloured glass splashback

The colour green reminds us of the coming of spring and summer. If you choose a different shade of green, it may be used throughout the fall or even the winter. It is considered the most relaxing and serene colour in the rainbow, making it an excellent choice for the kitchen. Where people unwind after a long day at the office or school.

Choose the correct colour for your glass splashback and include green in various tones around the space. Towels, curtains, and shutters may all be customized with subtle colour changes. It’s not uncommon for your neighbors to be a touch green with envy.

Colured Glass Splashbacks

Passionate Blue and Purple Coloured Glass Splashbacks

The use of different blues may significantly change the mood of a space. Deep, dark tones of blue or purple offer a sense of grandeur and complete elegance to any room in the house. Rich colours, like falling velvet curtains, draw the viewer’s eye and beg to be seen. This might be a touch too much for the space. But on other occasions. When you’re searching for coloured glass splashbacks with panache. It can be downright enticing!

Paler blues produce a fresh and modern feel by creating a clean, crisp setting that seems new and current. Colours that are nautical or even scandi in nature work well as splashbacks. Look like ship-shape when paired with lighter countertop and cabinet colours. For splashback ideas in a white kitchen, we would start with blues and other shades of blue.

The bluey-turquoise tableware complements sparkles and may be the ideal colour match for your new glass cooker splashback, whether you’re entertaining, eating, or just nibbling in the kitchen. 

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We understand that you only purchase things like our coloured glass splashbacks every few years. e understand how significant a choice product like this can be for your home. To relieve some of the uncertainty involved in determining your own style. We provide articles such as this one.

We are confident in the great quality of our products. So let us guide you in making the best choice.

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