Glass Splashback Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions about glass splashback. Let’s not waste any more time and go right into the questions.

How thick is the glass that is used for a glass splashback?

What is the ideal thickness for a glass splashback? It will preferably have a thickness of 6 millimetres and be constructed out of toughened glass. Although it has a thickness that is more than 4 millimetres, it is still lightweight enough to be mounted on your wall.

How much does it cost to have a mirror splashback?

Because they are made of safety glass that has been treated in the same manner as toughened glass splashbacks, mirrored splashbacks are an ideal option for kitchens and are safe to use behind your cooktop. You should expect to pay close to $450 per square meter for a mirrored splashback. This price includes installation.

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Glass Splashback

What are the typical dimensions of a glass splashback?

Standard splashbacks have dimensions of 600 millimetres by 700 millimetres and six millimetres of Opti-white toughened glass.

Do I need tempered glass for the backsplash of the kitchen?

The majority of glass splashbacks may, with a few notable exceptions, be installed behind a hob. To stop the material from breaking when subjected to heat, it will first need to be toughened. When shopping for brand-new glass splashbacks for their kitchens, a lot of individuals make this one of the first considerations they make.

What other material may I use in place of a splashback?

If you’re looking for a material for your backsplash, glass should be your first choice.

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Glass Splashback

When it comes to where the backsplash stops, does it stop at the edge of the cabinet or the edge of the counter?

It is recommended that the height of the glass splashback extend from the countertop to the base of the upper cabinets. If you don’t design it in this way, it will seem dated, like the one in the bottom picture. Therefore, we highly recommend doing so. Additionally, if it is brought up to the higher cabinets, it will guard against any water spills in a much more effective manner.

In the bathroom, we would want to hang a mirror, but I’m not sure what sort of splashback I should get

You may completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom by installing a toughened glass splashback. Mirrors with a variety of finishes, including Antique, Standard, and Tinted.

In what dimensions should a glass splashback be constructed?

Typically, the height of the backsplash is 600 millimetres, and you may tile this block completely from top to bottom. Simple. This works great if you want a highlighted tile since the benchtop and joinery will neatly encapsulate the tile in their respective spaces. The tiles can receive light from above, and the space as a whole is quite organized.

Glass Splashback

Do glass splashbacks come at a high cost?

Although it will undoubtedly serve as the focal point of attention in your kitchen, a bespoke glass splashback comes at a high cost. The cost of a backsplash designed and made to order may easily go into the hundreds of dollars. However, you need to include the cost of installation in that overall sum as well. Paint, on the other hand, has a far lower cost and is considerably simpler to apply.

Do the glass splashbacks need socket cuts to be installed?

Every one of our orders is wrapped in durable hardwood containers to guarantee that the glass does not sustain any damage while being transported. Choose yes or no to determine whether or not this panel needs socket cuts.

So, those are the glass splashback commonly asked questions. It’s important to consider the installation process when buying glass splashbacks. Make sure you settle with a supplier who provides installation for your peace of mind. DIY installation can go wrong in many ways. 

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