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As opposed to the functional kitchen addition it formerly was, today’s glass splashbacks serve various aesthetic purposes. Traditionally, kitchen designs aimed for a cottage atmosphere with ceramic tiles or a professional kitchen feel with stainless steel. The pigeons are out of the bag now that the toughened and printed picture glass splashback is here!

Use your imagination to explore all of the possibilities that the color wheel has to offer! Choose from over 2,000 color options to choose the one that most appeals to you. Concentrate on blue and green tones for a calming undertone. Oranges and yellows are great colors for a workspace since they evoke creativity. Purple evokes a sense of royalty, while red conveys a sense of intensity! Block-colored splashbacks in a variety of vibrant, wacky hues are a terrific way to update a room.

Glass Splashbacks Patterns

Perfect Patterns

There’s nothing better than a well-designed pattern. Prints are having a renaissance in the fashion industry. Interior design is no exception to this rule. Glass is the perfect material for showcasing intricate patterns in your kitchen.

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Glass Splashbacks


Even the simplest geometric designs may help bring the grandeur of math to life. With these styles, glass splashbacks and worktops will remain fashionable for years to come. Thanks to their basic two-tone color schemes, these patterns go well with a wide range of kitchen designs.

Art Deco

Looking for a glass backsplash with a little more personality? Patterns and imagery from the Roaring ’20s are still relevant today. Feathers, fans, and geometric shapes evoke art deco buildings in their design. Black and gold color schemes highlight the patterns’ vibrancy.


As you can see, this covers a wide range of design ideas. Retro patterns evoke a groovy sense of nostalgia from the ’50s through the ’80s. Take it a step further by adding a ’tiled’ appearance to this design for a retro feel without the hassle!

The Power of Flowers

These hippie designs on your quirky glass splashbacks will remind you of Mary Quant daisies. A timeless design principle, this has now become a classic. For a modern twist, look for designs that include abstract flowers and foliage.

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Glass Splashbacks


When designing your kitchen, consider using creative lighting techniques on your glass splashbacks and worktops. Backlit and underlit glass allow you to alter the surface’s look by adding or subtracting color and ambiance. You may now have quirky glass splashbacks installed in place of your peacefully stunning glass surfaces at the push of a button!

Overall Design

To make the most of your unique glass splashback, keep the rest of your area subdued and uncluttered so that you can attract attention to it. If you’re going for pops of color, make sure they’re offset with white or off-white cabinetry. If you like big, dramatic designs, pair them with clean, plain flooring to balance them off. Glass splashbacks may be made even more eye-catching with the addition of kitchen accessories. For a sleek look, use ultra-modern blinds with clean lines and handleless kitchen cabinets.

Funky Splashback Images

If you want a trendy look with printed picture glass splashbacks, go with an abstract design. Consider the look of bubbles, steam, and a multitude of big water drops. The use of extreme close-ups does wonders for achieving this appearance. For example, you may use a negative copy of an image in your collection. There’s no limit to what you could do!

How to Choose an Image for a Glass Splashbacks?

Don’t forget that printed glass is highly sturdy, so your design will last for many years. So, how do you go about picking a picture that will give you the desired effect?

Schemes of Color

Your color scheme should be your initial stop. Your glass splashback pattern or image will be determined by the pattern or image you choose for it. Images from nature perform nicely in green or blue-toned designs. Or, for a pop of color in a modern style, use an orange or yellow pattern.

Glass Splashbacks


What’s the ideal size to aim for? Is it a good idea to cover the whole wall between your kitchen counter and the base of your wall cabinets with a protective covering? You might also focus on the area around your hob instead. When it comes to vast expanses of walls, a tiling-inspired pattern or landscape works nicely. If your kitchen arrangement frames the area, utilize a single picture that is meaningful to you to attract attention to it.

Picture or Pattern

Imagine that your kitchen has a unique landscape that you want to show off to all your guests. It’s also possible that an old snapshot of a much-loved family pet may bring back wonderful memories in the future. Geometric patterning, on the other hand, might evoke a vintage or modernist vibe. Of course, the choices go much beyond just glass splashback art. Consider making a word cloud to represent what your family values.

Image Theme

Consider the image topic when designing extensive glass splashbacks that cover a large area of the wall. Images of landscapes or seascapes with a horizon line function nicely in this setting. It is possible to repeat them like a pattern. When selecting a theme for your image glass splashback, be sure that it complements the room’s other color schemes. Simple cabinets are great for offsetting your themed picture without making the area appear congested.

Library of one’s own

If you’re going to use a picture from your own collection, be sure it’s got a good enough quality. The image’s resolution should increase in direct proportion to the splashback’s size. Hence, taking school photographs in 1976 is not the best idea! In any case, that’s probably a relief, so stop there!

Making a selection for your glass splashback may be difficult when there are so many alternatives to choose from. Design Inferno has a wide range of kitchen design expertise. Check out some of our past work for ideas and discover how diverse images might work together. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way, from image sizing tips to making sure your end product looks just like a picture.

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