Glass Splashbacks, Shower Screens, and Doors in Melbourne

Glass splashbacks, shower screens, and doors in Melbourne can significantly improve the look of your home as well as your living standards. A splashback is necessary for your kitchen because it keeps moisture off the walls. Moisture on the plaster wall may not seem to be a major issue at first, but it will ultimately start to mould, which is complicated and expensive to repair later.

A bath shower screen is a glass panel that separates your bath shower from the rest of the bathroom. It is more permanent than a shower curtain. When you take a shower, it prevents water from going everywhere. Glass doors, in some form or another, must be among the most often used architectural elements in new construction and renovations.

Glass doors increase vistas, promote ventilation, and boost natural light, in addition to opening the inside of the property to the outside world. While they are, by definition, transparent, they may also be eye-catching due to their capacity to blur the lines inside and out.

Glass Splashbacks

Common Properties of Glass Splashbacks, Shower Screens, and Doors in Melbourne

Because of the many notable features of glass, it is widely used to manufacture contemporary structural components. Renowned manufacturers and suppliers prefer glass due to the following outstanding characteristics:

1) Transparency

This is a characteristic that allows for visual contact with the outside world. By incorporating admixtures into the original batch mix, its transparency may be permanently changed. Clear glass panels used in buildings may now be turned opaque thanks to technological advancements. This feature is highly beneficial for glass doors and balustrades.

2) U Value

The U-value is a measurement of how much heat is transmitted through a window. The lower the U-value, the greater the glass’s insulation properties–the better it keeps heat or cold out. Again, this feature is a key factor for glass doors. 

3) Strength

Glass is a fragile material, but because of advances in science and technology, some laminates and admixtures may enhance its modulus of rupture (ability to withstand deformation under load).

4) Workability

It can be worked in a variety of ways. Workability can be blown, drawn, or pressed. It is possible to obtain glass with various characteristics, including diffused, clear, colorless, and stained glass. Fusion may also be used to weld glass.

5) Recyclable

Glass is completely recyclable. Cullets are used as raw materials in glass production, as aggregates in the building of concrete, and so on. 

These features have made glass one of the biggest industries in Australia. According to IBISWorld, the Australian glass and glass products manufacturing market size in 2021 is $3.5bn. 

Since we have better understood glass’s features now, let’s get to know glass splashbacks, shower screens, and doors in detail separately. 

Frameless and Semi-Frameless Shower Screens in Melbourne 

Frameless and semi-frameless shower screens have become a trend in Australia over recent years. Whether it’s a framed, frameless, or semi-frameless product, it can enhance your bathroom and your home’s value.

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Frameless Shower Screens in Melbourne

For bathrooms and ensuites, frameless glass shower screens are a popular choice. The advantages of a custom-measured-to-size screen include a precise fit for your opening as well as freedom with door size, panel size, and cut-outs, resulting in a completely customized finish to fit your requirements. Glass adds a contemporary touch and creates the illusion of a bigger space while remaining virtually undetectable.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

A semi-frameless shower will not only improve the look of your bathroom but will also offer a physically sound base and avoid water leaks. The beautiful, continuous frame is constructed of materials that meet Australian standards. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for aesthetics!

The Advantages of Frameless and Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

When remodeling your bathroom, you have many choices, from wall color to hardware finish. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is how to enclose your shower. Consider installing a glass shower screen if you are renovating an existing bathroom or building a new one.

1. Attractive

Glass shower enclosures are modern and stylish. They help your bathroom appear more polished and organized by allowing other design elements to stand out. Instead of creating an enclosure that may clash with your paint colors, hardware, and flooring, accent them with glass screens.

2. Customisable

Some enclosures, such as shower curtains, are only available in a particular size and style. When you choose a shower screen, you have the option of designing a unique solution for your bathroom.

The ability to customize becomes especially helpful in bathrooms with refurbished showers. Because the shower was not built in conjunction with the rest of the bathroom, it may have resulted in cramped, uncomfortable areas or irregular forms. To guarantee a smooth fit, your contractor may consider these quirks throughout the design phase.

3. Desirable

Glass doors in every room provide a touch of elegance, and your shower screens are no exception. If you want to sell your home within the next few years, a glass enclosure is a way to go. These shower screens enhance the value of your property and attract prospective buyers.

4. Long-Lasting

Tempering and treatment are used to reinforce the glass used in shower screens. Shower screens made of glass are shatterproof and scratch-resistant. These enclosures may endure as long as your home if properly maintained. Inquire with your glass contractor about warranty arrangements for your glass screen and hardware. Generally, the glass outlasts the frame, handle, as well as other hardware.

5. Low Maintenance

Other than regular cleaning to remove water stains and soap residue, glass shower screens need no upkeep. The door hardware may need to be replaced in some scenarios, although proper cleaning minimizes this likelihood. Because you can reach the whole glass pane, frameless shower screens are particularly simple to clean and maintain.

6. Non-intrusive

Hanging a shower curtain creates a distinct boundary that may make your bathroom seem smaller. Clear shower screens provide an organic flow that widens the area, giving your bathroom the appearance of being bigger. Shower screens also allow more light into the enclosure, which is beneficial if you do not have a light source placed above the shower.

7. Versatile

Shower screens come in various design choices, allowing you to incorporate them into your bathroom space completely.

Frosted Sliding Glass Doors and Frameless Doors in Melbourne 

Glass doors are a stylish and appealing option for both indoor and outdoor use. Frameless glass doors and sliding glass doors will offer luxury and sophistication to any home or workplace. These doors, constructed with excellent fittings and completely hardened safety glass textures, offer a living richness that radiates elegance and quality.

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Bathroom Glass Doors

Bathrooms in contemporary houses are never carelessly planned or furnished. Most homeowners, architects, and interior designers want bathrooms that represent their personal style and taste are practical and aesthetically appealing. So, they install one-of-a-kind furnishings and ornamental objects in the bathroom.

A glass shower door is one of the most popular additions to a luxurious bathroom. Glass shower enclosures, which come in various forms and styles, are ideal for large and small bathrooms.

Interior and Exterior Glass Doors

Whether for a home makeover, an office renovation, or a large-scale commercial construction, the style and kind of interior door you choose may have a significant effect on the entire appearance of your interior design. Glazing is important in contemporary architecture, with designers preferring to use the advantages that glass naturally provides. Architectural glass and a feeling of light and space, as well as a sleek and clean design, go hand in hand.

When designing an interior or outdoor design project, glass doors are worth consideration.

Advantages of Glass Doors for Bathrooms, Interiors, and Exteriors

Have you considered putting glass doors inside your home or business? While some people are concerned about keeping glass doors clean and the associated loss of privacy that follows them, there are many advantages to having these kinds of doors in your home or company.

Here are some of the many advantages of having glass doors:

1. Glass doors make every room seem larger and more open

Using glass doors to make a room seem more open is a wonderful way to do it. Glass doors will not make any spaces in your home or organization seem closed off. 

You’ll be able to see everything happening around you, making your space seem larger.

It not only makes a place seem larger, but it also provides a pleasant atmosphere in your business or home. Having separate walls and features in your workplace or home may make visitors, and customers feel unwelcome. It provides a secluded atmosphere that is unneeded. Because people feel welcomed, glass doors may make a fantastic first impression on clients or visitors.

2. Glass doors allow natural light to shine through

The majority of people like having sunshine shine in their homes or workplaces. When you install glass doors, you will receive a lot of natural light. The light will assist in increasing the energy levels and moods of people in your house or company.

It also lowers your energy expenses throughout the winter since you won’t have to worry about heating your room as often. You may also wait until dark outside before turning on the lights since natural light will be a light source.

3. It’s simple to clean and maintain

Although many people are concerned about smudged glass doors, they are simpler to clean than you would assume. All you have to do is wipe the glass doors with a soft cloth now and again to keep dirt, debris, fingerprints, and other contaminants from accumulating on them. You won’t have to worry about stubborn stains or dirtiness since glass is a simple surface to clean.

Slumped Glass Splashbacks and Textured Glass Panels in Melbourne

Formed glass, also known as slumped glass, is a stunning aesthetic that is excellent for glass shower screens, splashbacks, water features, and other applications. You may choose a design that best represents your style from a great 15 standard glass textures.

Slumped glass is formed when ordinary glass is subjected to extremely high heat and molded. In this condition, the glass may be readily shaped or slumped to change its look. These may range from basic patterns to more complex designs. 

Because slumping is so easy, it can be applied to a wide variety of glass items, allowing you to create anything from textured glass splashbacks to slumped shower screens.

Using Textured Glass Panels and Splashbacks in Your Home

Textured Glass


The textured glass comes in a variety of colours and may be clear or opaque. Because of the diversity of textures available, they may be utilized in several ways around the home, including:

  • Decoration
  • Privacy
  • Light Diffusion
  • Surface Covering

1. Door Glass

Indoors, use textured glass to safeguard your privacy but not completely obscure the view of someone standing outside. Textured glass is also ideal for use in storm doors and sliding glass doors. It helps to save energy by decreasing UV light penetration while letting the advantages of natural illumination be experienced.

2. Shower and Tub Glass

Textured glass is ideal for tub and shower enclosures because it enables light to flow through yet distorts vision. Shower doors may be purchased, or the current glass can be replaced. As a bonus, utilizing glass in shower enclosures creates the appearance of a bigger room, which appeals to people who have restricted bathing spaces.

3. Room Separators

Glass is an excellent material for room dividers. Suppose you have an open space between your dining room and your kitchen. In that case, textured glass has the additional advantage of retaining most of the heat generated by cooking in the kitchen. And this saves electricity and keeps your family at the dinner table.

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