Is Glass Splashback Better Than Tiles? | Complete Review

Is glass splashback better than tiles? This is a common question among homeowners nowadays. Building a brand new kitchen is a costly investment that many of us can’t afford. So, making small modifications that result in a completely fresh appearance is a more cost-effective approach to modernizing your kitchen.

Something as easy as installing new tiles or a glass splashback would suffice, but which do you choose? Today, we give you good reasons why glass kitchen splashbacks are a better option than tiles for the heart of your home.

What Exactly Is a Glass Splashback?

A kitchen glass splashback is specifically intended to prevent splashes or spills from ruining your walls. Manufacturers produce splashbacks using various materials, such as plastic, glass, and even stainless steel.

Many wallpapered kitchens include a small section behind the tiled stove — this serves the same function as a kitchen splashback. But a backsplash offers significant benefits to having tiles in your kitchen in many ways.

Cleaning is simpler with a kitchen splashback because you don’t have to attempt to remove stains or markings from a painted or wallpapered wall. Kitchen splashbacks come in various styles and colors, featuring tile, glass, acrylic, and stainless steel. Each kind has its own set of advantages, ranging from various colors to match your current décor to be more water-resistant. 

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Glass Splashback

What are Kitchen Tiles?

For kitchens, tiles have been a logical option. Tile is tough, long-lasting, water-resistant, and stain-resistant. There are three kinds of kitchen tiles: stone, porcelain, and ceramic. Tiles can complement any décor and may also be placed in a variety of patterns.

It’s also beautiful—when you look through the wide variety of designs, shapes, and colors available, your kitchen tile ideas will bloom. 

On the other hand, tiles can be challenging to install. It may be difficult to cut correctly, resulting in a large number of damaged tiles. To accommodate breakage, it’s usually a good idea to buy at least 10% more tiles than the project calls for. Tiles also reveal every flaw, from misplaced tiles to messy grout lines.

Are Glass Splashbacks Better Than Tiles? The Answer

Yes, we can claim that glass splashbacks are superior to tiles due to their many advantages. It is quite OK to favor one over the other. But it is always preferable to choose the option with the most advantages.

The following are the primary advantages of splashbacks:

1) Glass kitchen splashbacks provide an exact color match

It’s often difficult to find tiles that match the precise shade of your kitchen. So, you’ll have to spend hours looking for a comparable tile color or ultimately end up selecting a different paint color for your kitchen walls. And this will add time and money to your project. 

Custom coloured splashbacks for the kitchen and bathroom can be colour-matched to various paint brands, making them ideal for updating your kitchen.

2) Glass kitchen splashbacks are stylish and modern

Tiles may sometimes seem overly fussy in a kitchen that generally has a clean and sleek vibe, with complex patterns and forms quickly becoming obsolete. 

Glass splashbacks, on the other hand, complement a shiny, modern kitchen while also introducing a contemporary aspect to a more classic kitchen, resulting in a seamless mix of old and new. 

3) Glass kitchen splashbacks are longer-lasting

Your tile is probably one of the victims of daily kitchen life, as it can quickly crack if struck by any appliances or other kitchen equipment. Furthermore, food splatterings may rapidly discolor the grout, causing it to wear away and leaving your kitchen looking nasty and unclean. 

Glass kitchen splashbacks, on the other hand, benefit from toughened glass and are very robust against stains and heat. And this means they will maintain their aesthetic appeal and remain brand new for many years to come.

4) Glass kitchen splashbacks are less difficult to clean

With only a wipe, you can remove any spills or stains that have made their way onto your lustrous glass kitchen splashbacks. It is almost impossible to restore damaged grout to its original beauty, and you may wind up just re-grouting your tiles.

Moreover, removing dried-on stains from tiles is more difficult since they lie on uneven surfaces, necessitating more scrubbing and total cleaning effort.

Glass Splashback

Tiles Have Their Advantages Too

Tiles may also be a better design match for a kitchen. While finding a splashback that fits your precise color needs may be simpler, certain kitchen designs are better suited to tiles. You may also mix and combine tiles to create a striking contrast or a one-of-a-kind design.

What Should You Go for?

Splashbacks are becoming more trendy, and this may be your best choice if you want an ultra-modern kitchen aesthetic. It can also make it much simpler to distinguish between various colours manufactured from several different materials.

Tiles, on the other hand, are an age-old classic that has never gone out of style. While they may need extra upkeep, they are an excellent complement to a classic kitchen design.

What do you think? Are tiles still the optimum way to protect your kitchen walls, or are splashbacks the latest must-have approach to prevent damage from spills and splashes?

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