Splashbacks Melbourne: A guide on choosing

Do you need some inspiration for splashbacks Melbourne in the kitchen?

If your kitchen has all of the contemporary conveniences while still maintaining a distinct sense of individuality and personality. It may be time to explore having a bespoke design made for your area. Designing your kitchen splashbacks Melbourne to represent your preferences and personal style, rather than offering up a generic design that says nothing about who you are as a person, can be accomplish with a little know-how, imagination, and persistence, It may not even need a great deal of effort on your part, other than selecting the appropriate tiles and selecting the appropriate color palette for your area!

Probably one of the most creative kitchen tile ideas is to use subway tiles:

Which are increasingly popular as a part of custom kitchen design projects. Being a highly popular option among house designers, it is something that can be readily replicate in the real world. If you already have a subway tile counter, or if you have purchase a subway tile kit.

If you have purchase a subway tile kit, all that is require is that you replace the tiles in the space. Example: If your countertop is made up of black and white tile. You could choose one of the numerous black and white subway tile patterns that are available to match the color scheme of your room. Additionally, you have the option to mix and combine colors to create a design that really reflects your own style and personality.

Modern splashbacks Melbourne provide a plethora of design options to choose from. The information in the following guide will provide you with an overview of the many choices available, as well as some excellent practical guidance. When it comes to modern kitchen remodeling, they are an absolute must-have. In addition, we recommend that you visit one of our kitchen showrooms to view some fantastic backsplash examples in person. Our team and kitchen designers will be able to advise you on the most appropriate options for your kitchen.

Splashbacks Melbourne made of tiles

Tiles are one of the most classic types of splashbacks Melbourne. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, forms, colors, materials, and costs. Because of the extensive selection, you are certain to discover a tiling choice that suits both your particular preferences and your financial constraints. Tile splashbacks are a logical option for kitchens design in the French Provincial or Hampton styles, but they are also appropriate in more contemporary kitchens.

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Splashbacks Melbourne

Splashback made of classic tile

The placement of the tiles is just as essential as the tiles themselves. Subway tile designs and crisscross herringbone patterns are among the most popular patterns. Maintaining a tile backsplash should be done with caution since the grout may occasionally stain or discolor – especially below the stove. If this is a concern, big tiles that need less grout than their smaller, mosaic-style counterparts may be a good option for your project. It is also possible to use a deeper color grout. Another kind of grout available on the market is epoxy grout, which is stain resistant and simple to maintain.

Splashbacks made of glass

Splashbacks made of glass are a popular and flexible option for many people. They are custom-made to fit the exact measurements of your kitchen and provide a long-lasting, sanitary, seam-free, grout-free, contemporary, and sleek appearance that is easy to clean. In addition, because of their reflecting properties, glass splashbacks may provide the illusion of more space and light in a room. The fact that they may be create in almost any color you want – from bright, eye-catching colors to more subdue tones – is another significant selling point. splashbacks Melbourne made of glass may feature metallic or shimmering coatings, as well as inclusions such as glitter. Additionally, LED lights may be install behind a glass backsplash.

Despite the fact that solid colors are the most popular option, have you consider a backsplash that is also a photographic picture, such as the one shown below? These are getting more and more general every day. Make a bold statement with your choice of clothing. Alternatively, you may add a personal touch by including artwork or a picture that is important to you.

Splashback on a photograph

Glass is often thought of as being transparent, however depending on the amount of iron present in the glass, it may seem somewhat blue or green. Choosing Starphire glass, which has less iron and thus less pigmentation, can help you avoid the tint of color that may appear in ordinary clear glass. Starphire glass is more costly than ordinary glass, but in certain cases, it is the only option to get the precise color you want. splashbacks Melbourne made of glass are simple to clean and maintain. You may notice that they are a little streaky, just like washing windows, but overall, glass is a fantastic low-maintenance choice.

Splashbacks made of acrylic

An acrylic backsplash may be the perfect solution if you want the appearance of glass at a more affordable price. They are very durable and are often place in a single sheet, giving you a smooth, contemporary appearance. Zenolite is a brand that offers a variety of colors and finishes that may be use in any household setting.

One disadvantage of these splashbacks is that they do not withstand high temperatures as well as some other alternatives, making their installation behind a cooktop more challenging. It is likely to avoid this by using another material, such as stainless steel, in the area immediately around the cooktop, with an acrylic pane encircling it.

Another advantage of this material is that most scratches can be remove by buffing them away. Extra cut polish and/or extremely fine grades of wet and dry sandpaper may be use to repair more serious damage. In terms of regular care, you must make certain that you use a non-abrasive cleaner and cloth (a soft cloth and soapy water will do) in order to avoid damaging the surface.

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Splashbacks Melbourne

Splashbacks Melbourne with a solid surface

Products like Corian, Star on, and LG HI-MACS are renowned for their excellent sanitary properties. Which make them ideal for splashbacks Melbourne. Corian is a kind of solid surface material that is create from a combination of resin and natural minerals. It is manufacture by and has become the standard term for this type of solid surface material. It is available in a wide variety of solid color treatments as well as real stone such as marble or granite.

One significant advantage is that the backsplash and benchtop may be form as a one piece. The backsplash continues down into the benchtop without a break, which makes it very sanitary. Corian, like some other types of splashbacks, is not resistant to direct heat. Therefore you will need to adhere to the safety precautions recommend near cooktops when using it. Corian, on the other hand, is a highly long-lasting and simple-to-maintain material.

Splashbacks made of laminate or melamine

If you want to maintain consistency in color tones throughout your new kitchen. You may use the same benchtop laminate for your splashbacks. You can select a contrasting color or pattern, such as a stone mimic, for your splashbacks. Splashbacks made of laminate are available in a wide variety of colors, coatings, and patterns. They are excellent for people on a tight budget since they are at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. However, a kitchen designer may explore the possibilities of using this laminate. Since there may be certain size restrictions in terms of lengths and also behind cooktops.

Laminex manufactures a splashback material known as ‘Metalize’ that is often refer to as laminate backsplash, although it is really an aluminum-base product that is extremely robust and flame retardant. Cleaning should be done with care, using a soft cloth and soapy water to avoid damaging the surface.

Splashbacks made of marble and granite

Stone splashbacks, like stone benchtops, can be a stunning accent to the appropriate kitchen design when done correctly. Because marble and granite are natural stones, you can be guarantee to obtain a distinctive appearance for your kitchen because of the variety of patterns and colors available. That one-of-a-kind piece of natural stone that no one else has or can duplicate may be a significant focus point and source of conversation.

Stone splashbacks, like glass splashbacks, provide a sleek, smooth, grout-free appearance. Keep in mind that real stone is very porous, which means that these splashbacks typically need more maintenance. Stone surfaces such as marble and granite should be seal to prevent them from damage. And cleaning agents that are acidic or abrasive should be avoid. That being said, a natural stone backsplash is difficult to match when it comes to creating a traditional, opulent appearance.

Splashbacks construct of reconstitute stone that has been artificially create

The most significant distinction between reconstitute and natural stone is the enhanced durability of the former. Man-made stone is also available in a broad range of colors and finishes. Making it far more probable that you will discover something that meets your particular requirements and preferences. Heat limitations exist behind hotplates, and the design of the kitchen will need to take this into consideration. This is a fantastic all-around choice.

Splashbacks made of stainless steel

The stainless-steel backsplash is the most important feature in commercial kitchens. They are reasonably priced, heat resistant, long-lasting, and very simple to clean. The good news is that. Because of all of these advantages, stainless steel is a viable choice for home kitchens as well. You’ll often find them in more contemporary, industrial-style kitchens and “cook’s kitchens,” among other places. Metallic finishes such as a reflecting sheen or a dull. Matt finish that is simpler to keep clean are available for stainless steel. To keep your backsplash looking its best, stay away from abrasive cleansers. Instead, invest in a specialist steel cleanser to keep it not just clean, but also immaculate.

Splashbacks that are mirrored

Using a mirrored backsplash in the appropriate kitchen may make a small space seem larger and brighter. It is just one of the numerous methods that professional kitchen. Designers use to create a more spacious feel in their spaces. There are three different types of mirrors available: smoky grey, bronze, and real mirror (silver). We utilize specially strengthened mirrors for these splashbacks Melbourne. Which are more robust and able to resist greater temperatures than standard mirrors. Because of the reflection, the arrangement of the kitchen is very essential when using a mirrored backsplash.

Splashbacks Melbourne for Windows

Another excellent option for maximizing natural light and making a kitchen seem larger is to use a glass-fronted cabinet. In the proper situation, using a window as a backsplash may be extremely effective and decorative. The view from the window itself. As well as structural concerns, should be taken into account while deciding on this particular kind of backsplash installation.

Another option is to use a specific kind of tile for your countertops:

such as one made of glass or granite, which is one of the toughest natural stones available. In a room, both granite and glass look stunning when placed. They are also capable of being left “as is,” which means that your countertops will not need any sort of finishing to be done to them. For this aim, it may be preferable to leave your counters unpainted and just add a glass backsplash to the area. The use of a glass backsplash would be particularly advantageous if your countertop is constructed of granite tile. Since cut-glass is not as durable as granite and a glass splashback is a fast and simple method to create a customized appearance.

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