Shower Screens Melbourne Essential Factors To Know

Any bathroom design includes deciding on a shower. It must not only fit the available space, but it must also serve a practical purpose and harmonize with the rest of the bathroom’s design. With the right shower screens Melbourne, you may have an excellent shower area and a beautiful bathroom.

Shower screens are available in various styles and designs, so understanding how to choose one will have a major impact on the final look of your bathroom. When it comes to bathrooms, most people remodel them just once or twice in their lifetime. This is important to do right. Correcting this mistake will either be very expensive or result in you having a shower (and perhaps a whole bathroom) that you despise.

Choosing the best shower screens Melbourne for your bathroom is easy when you follow our thorough advice on the most important things to consider when buying a shower screen.

Considering the Bathroom Size When Shopping for Shower Screens Melbourne

If you’re remodeling your whole bathroom or constructing a new house, the first step is to assess your options for shower screens. Is it a big or a small space?

Make a floor plan by measuring the bathroom from top to bottom and from left to right. After you’ve placed everything else on the floor plan, check to see how much room there is left for your shower to fit in. Include essential items like a toilet and vanity, as well as a bath if space allows. As a result, you’ll know exactly where to put the shower and how big of a shower you can fit in there. You’ll need a minimum of 900mm × 900mm of free area to complete this project. You can build a nicer, more comfortable shower area if you have more available floor space to play with.

It is essential to take accurate measurements since even a millimeter measurement mistake may lead to replacing the glass or additional inconvenience. Shower screens in Melbourne may be custom-made to meet your exact specifications.

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Shower Screens Melbourne

Determining the Place for the Shower

Take a look at the area and decide where the shower would be most useful. Think about how you’ll use the shower door after you’re done. For example, what happens if it opens outwards and hits something? Shower screen doors are not always necessary, and a shower walk-in enclosure that uses a shower panel rather than a shower screen may be sufficient.

Whether your bathroom is compact, now is the time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a shower/bath combination to determine if a bath is a better choice. Bath screens are becoming more popular due to the introduction of modern glass bath screens, unlike in the past, when your only choice was a pair of baggy shower curtains.

As long as you aren’t relocating any plumbing, you will reuse the area where the shower now is. If you have a smaller vanity and want more shower room, it may be worth it to see if you can better use the available space. A dimension of 900mm by 1200mm is ideal.

Types of Shower Screens Melbourne 

With so many options for shower screens, you shouldn’t have any difficulty choosing one that matches your bathroom’s decor or the shower area you have allotted. Shower screens Melbourne come in various configurations and designs, such as sliding doors, corner entrance showers, quadrant entry showers, and bi-fold doors and pivot doors.

As with shower and bath screens, there are various designs and configurations to choose from.

Fully-Framed Shower Screens Melbourne

As the name implies, a fully-framed shower screen is completely framed, typically with a sturdy aluminum frame. The frame serves two purposes: it protects the glass from breakage and makes installation easier by providing support. Bathrooms of all sizes may benefit from these fixtures available in a wide range of layouts and door choices.

Because they were the initial alternative before frameless and semi-frameless showers were created, Melbourne’s fully-framed shower screens are usually regarded as the “old-fashioned” type of shower screen. A fully-framed shower, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. There are many advantages to using a fully-framed shower screen, including the maximum degree of sturdiness and toughness of any shower screen on the market. The drawback is that they will detract from the aesthetics of your bathroom since they will not blend in as well as other showers.


Shower Screens Melbourne

Frameless Shower Screens Melbourne 

Framed shower screens are a relic of the past; frameless shower screens in Melbourne are the new wave. If you want to keep things simple, frameless shower screens are the way to go. Because of their elegant appearance easily integrated into bathroom decor, enabling it to take the stage without being overshadowed.

Frameless shower screens, like fully-framed screens, come in a variety of designs and door choices. There isn’t anything holding this thing together. The glass is held in place by brackets and channels. They’re tough as nails, thanks to the thicker glass they’re constructed of. 

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Semi-frameless shower screens Melbourne is in the middle of the spectrum for shower screen types: fully framed or frameless. Because of this, they have minimal frames to make installation and stability easier while being visually appealing. Only the outer edges are framed, not the whole thing. This aids in creating a sleeker design, which improves lighting and makes better use of available space.

Currently, the most often produced shower screen is indeed the semi-frameless version. They come in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet a wide range of requirements. They provide the best of both worlds, as they are more durable while yet having modern looks.

Shower Panels in Melbourne

Shower panels, a contemporary replacement for traditional shower screens, have become more popular in five to ten years. Traditional shower screens, even frameless or semi-frameless, are seldom used in modern bathrooms in favor of even more minimalistic shower panels.

Shower panels, which often have one panel, are ideal for people who want a simple, clean look. They use brackets and channels to hold the glass in place, and return panels and bracing arms may be added as extras if you want them to. Wet rooms and walk-in enclosures are easy to create with their help. They turn even the most basic bathroom into a deluxe sanctuary!

Bath Screens

If your bathroom is on the small side, a bath screen may be a better option than a shower screen. Bath screens provide the illusion of a bath/shower combo and upgrade over the dowdy bath drapes of yore.

Bath screens are available in a variety of contemporary and minimalist styles and designs. Installing them is simple, making them an excellent choice for families with young children. Additional fixed panels and swing panels, as well as other combinations, make them even more useful.

Shower Screens Melbourne

Shower Screen Melbourne Designs

There are a variety of designs and combinations of shower screens available, as previously stated, to enhance both utility and aesthetics. Sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and pivot doors are all common choices for shower screen doors.

Corner Entry

Two doors swing open from the shower’s center point in a corner entry shower. Shower doors that open inward are more suited for smaller bathrooms when space is tight.

Quadrant Entry

Quadrant entrance showers, like corner entry showers, open from the center and have doors that slide behind the shower panels. They are, however, curved as opposed to showers with a corner entrance. They have a beautiful appearance and save a lot of room.

Sliding Doors

People who don’t like the idea of a shower door that swings open have the option of installing a sliding door instead. Instead, to gain entry, you must slide the door back over the adjacent panel. This results in the length of the sliding door shower having to be longer than the length of the conventional shower, therefore requiring additional floor area.

Bi-Fold Doors

Another alternative for conserving space that doesn’t open outward is a bi-fold door screen. The bi-fold door folds inward to make the most of the available space in the bathroom while it is open. Because of the modest enclosure sizes, this is a popular choice for small bathrooms (700mm x 900mm).

Pivot Doors

Shower doors that pivot open outward are more conventional. However, their size range (from small to big) may not be the ideal choice for bathrooms with limited space.

Shower Screens Melbourne

Remodeling a Bathroom on a Budget

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling costs in Australia were $17,522 for existing homes in 2018 and $16,430 for new construction, according to the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) 2018 report. The numbers in Houzz’s Overview of Home Renovation in the 2019 and 2020 study for bathroom renovations were quite comparable, although somewhat lower. Bathroom renovations cost an average of $13,000 in 2018, according to their research. Despite this, bathroom renovations may be costly, particularly when you go for a luxurious look.

Shower screens Melbourne can make or break the style and appearance of your bathroom, so choose wisely.

Budget-Range Shower Screens

Traditional shower screens start at about $550.00 and are a good choice for people on a tight budget who want a good shower solution. You don’t have to spend as much money with a shower panel since there’s no need for a door or side panel. Shower panels are one of the most cost-effective choices, with prices beginning at only $345.00 for a basic model. However, a bath screen is the most affordable alternative to a shower screen or shower panel. Spacing and money may be saved by combining the shower and tub to serve as either a bath or shower. These costs, however, may vary based on a variety of factors.

Mid-Range Shower Screens

A mid-range option would be to go with higher-end versions of the basic shower head. Showers with corner entry, quadrant entry, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and pivot doors are just a few options to consider for any bathroom design. Depending on the specific size, these shower screens cost anywhere from $750 to $1000.

High-End Shower Screens in Melbourne

The modern shower panels, for example, are great if you aim to create a luxurious bathroom on a budget. When compared to low- and mid-range priced options, these luxury shower screens may be rather pricey.


Shower screens Melbourne should be cleaned regularly since they are very important elements in a house. During regular usage, deposits of water, soap scum, and limestone will form, clouding and staining the glass. Once the glass is damaged, it’s very hard to get rid of.

That being said, what are your options?

Investing in a shower with self-cleaning technology rather than squeegeeing down the glass after each use can save you time and effort. Water-repellent coatings are now available on shower screens Melbourne, shower panels, and bath screens so that they may be used in the shower or bathtub. As a result, washing the shower glass is no longer an issue.

Contact Inferno Glass, Your #1 Choice for Shower Screens Melbourne

Shower screens in Melbourne come in a wide variety of styles and designs. You’ll also be faced with a slew of choices! You need to know how much space you have for a shower before you start looking at alternatives. The only way to accomplish this is after you’ve drawn out a floor plan.

The kind of shower screen you choose, whether completely frameless, semi-framed, or frameless, will depend on your floor layout and the amount of space you have available. Shower panels or bath screens may be a better option if you don’t want a shower screen at all. However, traditional shower screens require some thought about the overall design, such as what kind of doors you’d want and how much room you have available.

The last thing to consider is your budget and the amount of upkeep needed for each choice. Inferno Glass has the ideal shower panel, shower screen, or bath screen for you at an unbelievable price. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions.

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