10 Questions You Should Ask From Your Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

If you have a family or are in Australia on a short-term visa then you will need an immigration lawyer. It’s also common for students and overseas visitors to find a lawyer for this purpose.

The best immigration lawyers are those who can meet all your criteria. After doing some research I discovered that the ideal Immigration Lawyer Melbourne is one who has the following characteristics:

Legal Skills. You want someone who has specific knowledge of the laws and regulations for your visa, or one who has a good understanding of what it is you need.

Well-rounded experience. A lawyer who does immigration well will be able to help with anything and everything that may be required of them.

Customer service skills. You should be able to provide an important service by dealing with people in a manner that is efficient and courteous. As with any other service you provide you should be able to take the time to understand your client and what their needs are.

Ability to negotiate. Having a friendly and patient attitude means that you can easily find ways to resolve problems that arise from situations such as an unforeseen delay. If you become annoyed with a client you could be doing more harm than good.

Knowledge of the law. An immigration lawyer should have no problem explaining the complexities of the laws and regulations involved. It is helpful if the lawyer is also well versed in the Department of Immigration laws.

In addition to being aware of the Australian immigration laws, you should also be able to access information from other sources such as the Department of Immigration and get advice on things like private immigration lawyers, and sometimes even family law. To be clear on all these facts, you should seek a second opinion, which can be another important characteristic.

Timely response. In the case of clients who visit the Melbourne office of an immigration lawyer, you want them to be able to get the advice and assistance they need in a timely manner.

In addition to the above qualities, an immigration lawyer should also be prepared to make sure that all questions are addressed. The queries asked will involve anything from how long you are allowed to stay in Australia, to what documentation you will need, and any advice you require.

After meeting with an immigration lawyer and assessing their services I found that the ideal Melbourne immigration lawyer is one who was willing to take on all my questions. I asked him to do so after speaking with him for only fifteen minutes. After this time he stopped taking phone calls and started communicating only via email.

Therefore, there is nothing better than having your questions answered by someone who is up-to-date on the laws and regulations of the visa you have obtained. They should also be prepared to answer any queries you may have in an appropriate manner.

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