Top 20 Quotes On IT Solutions By Peter Norton

“Top 20 Quotes On IT Solutions From A Professional Consultant” by David Norton is a comprehensive assessment of the IT and business consulting industry. It’s a bit long on jargon, with pages of technical terms and definitions. It’s also slow going, even though it does offer a wealth of valuable information. 

I found the book to be lacking in its teaching on marketing and sales techniques that would have been more useful to a business consultant. In addition, there was little information on financials and accounting, which were important topics for me to understand when starting a business. Other than that, it’s a very good quick read with some solid information.

IT Solutions

Who is a business consultant?

Norton has a bachelor’s degree specializing in business administration at the University of San Diego. Prior to working as a business consultant, he held several senior executive positions at both Saks and Neiman Marcus.

He is also certified with the International Association of Business Communications and holds several marketing credentials, including being communications director for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California and an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego’s Adjunct School of Business. 

While not strictly a business book, this provides a good overview of what a business consultant can do. I think we can all benefit from having a solid understanding of the concepts within this text.

This book looks at the role of IT Solutions and business consulting in five areas: competitive advantage, leadership, technology adoption, and infrastructure. I think we can see the broad range of expertise in this genre of professional service brings to the table with these examples.

Norton does a good job of describing the specific challenges faced by smaller companies as well as larger ones, which are key for potential clients. He also goes into why most large corporations don’t need to use or specialize in any one area of these services.

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IT Solutions and business:

The book contains two case studies that are especially interesting to me. And relate to some of the challenges I face as a small business owner. One is how a computer service provider who specializes in software development faced a roadblock when its customer base shifted from small businesses to large corporations. 

The other was a computer consultancy firm that did a study. On how many small businesses were going digital with no knowledge of the technology or industry. The resulting report was shocking at how little these service providers knew of the industry. 

IT Solutions

Best IT Solutions:

There are reviews of the leading vendors and their offerings, and those are already available. However, I think this book provides insight into how hiring an IT consultant can help your business move forward. Especially when combined with services like consulting and virtualisation. 

I also like how Norton frames the issue of leadership and management in the IT world. There is certainly much wisdom in his assessment that many organisations are still not fully aware of. But I also agree with him that there are some gaps that need to be filled.

If you are a manager considering the use of IT consultants. It provides a solid information foundation that can be used. To develop an understanding of how to use the two resources effectively. And what skills and experiences you will need to build a successful relationship with the best of them.

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