Part time jobs

What are part-time jobs in Sri Lanka?

There are plenty of online classifieds and online job searches that you can do while you are on holiday. The thing is, most of these jobs require you to be online for a certain amount of time each day and sometimes longer. On a vacation, you don’t have much time to spare for your regular job and that is where part time jobs in Sri Lanka come in handy.

Most of these positions don’t require you to be there for very long, but there are some jobs which require you to work on the spot for short periods of time. If you have some spare time between your vacation and your regular work, you can still get the job done. These jobs can also be temporary, so you can always change jobs when your vacation is over.

There are several types of part time jobs in Sri Lanka and they can vary from day-to-day work such as the professional freelancer. Here are some of the best types of jobs available.

  1.       Office assistant: If you’re a stay-at-home mom or just started your job and you need some extra cash to help get by during your free time, you can start as an office assistant for an international airline company or you could go freelance and be your own boss.
  2.       Customer Care Support Agent: If you are a customer care expert, this could be the job for you, it involves helping customer care agents answer questions and troubleshoot issues. You might have to drive around and you must have reliable car insurance.
  3.       Public Relations Professional: There are many companies out there that need PR professionals. You will be required to write press releases, submit articles, create marketing materials and even talk to journalists to give them a good impression about the company.

Part time jobs

  1.       Information Technology Technician: Most companies in the IT field need additional help with the company and for some of them, they may require you to stay on site. You can always get the job done and you can do this part time by working as an IT technician.
  2.       Freelance Artist: If you love to paint and draw, you can always do this part time while you are on holiday. All you need is the right skills and talent to do this kind of job. 
  3.       Administrative Assistant: You will be assisting the secretaries in the company and this is the job that requires you to be in the main office. You will have to go to the boardroom and file papers, send emails and provide your support to the other employees.
  4.       Translation Writer: There are various small and large businesses that want articles translated and if you can write well, you can get these jobs. These jobs require a lot of hard work and patience.
  5.       Caterer: If you are interested in culinary arts, you can always find part time jobs in Sri Lanka. You can work as a caterer for a certain restaurant or hotel, prepare the meals and take care of the food preparation.

Whatever your field of interest is, you can always find a suitable job through online classifieds and online job sites. With so many vacancies available, there is never a shortage of part time jobs in Sri Lanka.

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