What are the secrets to find jobs in Sri Lanka

There are plenty of jobs available for foreign students in India, but the top 3 most in-demand jobs in India are listed below. Students considering a career in the field of education in India should get in touch with these employers.

Education jobs – Schools, colleges and universities in India to hire foreign teachers and other teachers and they hire them according to their educational experience. A foreign teacher usually has a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in education and can teach English as a second language (ESL). Most schools hire qualified teachers from other countries.

ESL jobs – In order to teach English, a foreign teacher may be required to get an ESL certification. The jobs of ESL teachers are available all over the country and as they are required to work on a contract basis, many employers seek candidates who have passed their PISA exam. This means that only those who are able to pass this exam are eligible for the job.

Languages jobs – Foreigners are usually required to know more than one language in order to be hired for a job. There are quite a few institutions that hire qualified professionals to teach the languages. These jobs are in large number and companies like to recruit graduates from foreign universities or schools to teach the languages in India.

Yoga jobs – There are many companies that hire yoga instructors for their yoga camps or yoga retreats. You will need to have at least basic knowledge of yoga to be eligible for a yoga teaching job. Different organizations hire people with different degrees in yoga.

Translation jobs – Different companies hire people who are trained to translate their brochures, advertisement materials and newsletters in several languages. You will need to have a certain amount of experience in translating documents in order to qualify for this job. The need for translators and interpreting services has increased in recent years. In fact, many businesses hire this service to communicate their messages in local dialects. People to people help jobs – Some people will always find a need for people to people help services. For example, companies in India often hire translators to help people in the United States understand the language of Indian immigrants in the country. Interpreters have been hired to provide services for students studying in American universities.


Government jobs – Students who have completed their college degree in India can also consider working for the government, especially if they want to secure their future. Government jobs offer good benefits such as retirement plans and bonuses for senior officials. Students can choose this career depending on their preference.

International organizations – Many international organizations in India employ foreign students. Students can join the management teams of these organizations after the completion of their education in India. There are some universities that hire foreign students to run the operations of the organization.

Marketing jobs – Students who want to go into marketing jobs in India have two options. They can either look for jobs through recruitment agencies or they can look for jobs directly from their institutions. However, the third option is much better as it offers the student a chance to experience the marketing culture of India.

Jobs in Kerala – Besides these jobs mentioned above, there are a number of other jobs in Kerala. Students who want to work for the non-government organizations can do so through the youth wing of the organization. Students who have completed their college education can choose these jobs or they can look for jobs in hotels, restaurants, showrooms, hospitals, etc.


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