7 Unbelievable Facts About Melbourne Airport Long Term Parking

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What are the 7 Unbelievable Facts about Melbourne Airport that you have to know before stepping out of the arrivals and departures lounge? This is a q

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What are the 7 Unbelievable Facts about Melbourne Airport that you have to know before stepping out of the arrivals and departures lounge? This is a question ask by many people who fly in on their frequent business or leisure trips. This airport is locate in Melbourne, Australia, one of the busiest airports in the world. This airport serves international flights from more than 120 countries around the globe. It has long term and short term parking lots, which offer convenient and secure parking spaces for travellers to get into and out of their respective aeroplanes.

Melbourne airport long term parking:

The security measures at this airport are among the best in the world. There are numerous security checkpoints in place that ensure that no traveller is allow to leave the airport with more than his luggage. You can also avail of baggage carousel service if you are taking larger loads. There is a Melbourne airport long term parking area as well that is very close to the departure and arrival terminals of the airport. These areas are generally free, but there are some parking charges. The charges are minimal but can increase with a prolong stay.

The baggage carousel is operated by Xoom, a worldwide leader in transportation options. This company operates the airport’s parking services. You can select from two types of carousel systems – the automated or the manual type. Automated systems allow you to load your bags into the compartment attached to the top of the baggage carousel, while manual systems require you to open the overhead doors and remove your bags manually.

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Melbourne airport long term parking

You will find a single check-in desk near the main arrivals and departures drop-off terminal. This desk will grant you access to the pre-boarding area, check your identity and entitle you to a pre-boarding pass. You will be required to show this pass at the security checkpoints before you proceed towards the terminal. It is also compulsory for you to display photo identification for access to the check-in queue. If you have already passed through the security checkpoints, then you will be directed towards a different queue.

The cost of Melbourne airport:

The cost of Melbourne airport long term parking is generally much lower than that of short term parking. Most business owners choose to park their vehicles for a minimum of 6 hours before departure and then return them to the parking area to be picked up by their vehicle. This enables them to save on travel time and parking fees at the airport.

Although it is a short term parking facility, long term parking is still available at Melbourne International Airport. You can check with the airport office for more details on this. For the most part, long term parking is usually provided by airport management companies.

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