Using A Design Inferno Glass Has Both Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Installing a Design Inferno Glass in your kitchen is a significant choice, not only because it completely alters the look of the room, but also because high-quality glass Splashback are costly.

Aside from the fact that they have been a popular choice for decades, there is a diverse selection of backsplash choices. As a result, it is significant to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each option before choosing which one best fits your requirements.

Provides a feeling of spaciousness

One of the most advantageous characteristics of glass splash backs is their ability to reflect light. If properly place, it creates the illusion of more space while also reflecting light back into the kitchen. This is ideal if you need more light in your kitchen owing to tiny or non-existent kitchen windows.

A plethora of alternatives

When it comes to color and effect options, there is nothing that can compete with glass Splashback. For example, you may choose from basic or solid color options. Alternatively, add picture effects to make it more personal. You may also experiment with other designs such as crockery and fruits.

A glass backsplash will complement any kitchen design, no matter what type it is or how it is laid out in the room. Furthermore, by further improving your design with adding LED lights, it may also serve as the main point of your kitchen!

Simple to Keep Up With

There is no other kind of Splashback that is as simple to clean as glass. All you need is a clean cloth soak in a washing solution made up of dishwashing liquid and warm water, and you can wipe away stains in a flash.


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Price Ranges that are different from one another

You may choose the strength of the glass base on your preferences and financial constraints. While all types of glass are safe, ordinary glass, which is often use for windows, is the least costly, while tough glass is the toughest and most resistant to damage.


Glass Splashback are more difficult to install than other kinds of Splashback, such as paint, and the procedure is more time-consuming. Because it is made of glass, it must be handling with care. Furthermore, the installation team must ensure that your Splashback are the proper fit for your home. Professional tools are need for the installation as well, due to the fact that it must have a professional finish.


A customised glass backsplash will undoubtedly be the focal point of attention in your kitchen, but they are not inexpensive. Splashback create by a custom designer may cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands. However, you must also include in the cost of installation into your total. Paint, on the other hand. Is much less expensive and significantly simpler to apply. However, you can never get the same visual impact with paint as you do with glass Splashback.

What you may get from our kitchen glass Splashback is as follows:

Designs that are unique to the customer

We have a large collection of colors and finishes to choose from to complement your current kitchen décor. Include in this category are our premium glitter collections as well as crackle glass Splashback, which are perfect for use behind kitchen worktops. Splashback made of print glass are the ideal choice if you want something that is more personalize.


Installing a Design inferno glass in your kitchen is the most frequent reason for doing so. It will protect your kitchen walls from stains. They are less difficult to maintain than tiles, which feature difficult-to-clean gaps. Because glass is inherently resistant to water and germs, any food spills may be clean up quickly and easily with little effort.

Additionally, they are highly heat resistant. They are five times more resistant to breakage than any other kind of backsplash material since they are made of toughen glass. To get the most out of you toughen glass backsplash. It is recommend that you install it behind your stove to protect your kitchen walls from hot grease or food splashes.


Glass Splashback are an excellent choice if you want to create a long-lasting kitchen design. The cost of installing them is much less than that of installing conventional tiles, which need constant re-grouting and re-finishing.

They also let you to save money on installation and maintenance expenses since there is no need to employ tile cutters or grout in the installation process. This also makes them much simpler to install – if you’re considering doing it yourself, check out our best suggestions on how to tile a backsplash for some inspiration.

The ability of glass Splashback to reflect light is a significant advantage. Increase the vibrancy and originality of any area, while also reflecting light to make a space seem bigger and brighter. This is mainly true if you have limited or no kitchen windows and need the additional light.

Why Glass is a perfect material for Splashback?

You may believe that glass is not ideal for a hot environment such as a kitchen. That, on the other hand, is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, toughened glass is one of the most appropriate materials for use as a backsplash in your kitchen.

When it comes to glass Splashback, your choices are only limited by your own creativity. Simple or solid colors may be used, whether they are matched for a subtle reflecting effect or contrasted for a contrasting impact. Colors that contrast with the cabinets and other kitchen elements may create a focal point in the room.

This is particularly true for our Splashback, which are digitally printed with your own design. From delicate patterns to bold pictures or your favorite location, the world and all of its beauty is practically at your fingertips. Allow yourself to be inspired and allow your imagination and creativity run wild.

Stunning DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Will Completely Transform Your Space

A complete kitchenette remodel is expensive, time-consuming, and usually a hassle—and it’s not worth it for tenants, who are likely to lose their security deposit. Fortunately, in the era of Pinterest, there is no lack of ideas to be found for simple and cheap DIY projects that can be completed in a short period of time. With little to no work on your part. One of the most straightforward methods to effect change is to. Changing the appearance of your backsplash is a good idea. We’ve gathered some of our favorite simple.


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Pinterest DIY kitchen backsplash ideas for you to try out

1) Install a Stick-On Vinyl Backsplash in your kitchen.

In order to alter the arrival of a backsplash, one popular (and reasonably priced) method that you may discover on Pinterest is to install adhesive vinyl in beautiful designs. Using her existing white square-tiled backsplash as a foundation, blogger Brynner Delanson of the Gathered Home added durable black vinyl triangles (which are often used for sign and vehicle writing) in a pinwheel design.

Her once-boring white tile has been transformed into a mosaic of black and white tiles, and she didn’t have to do any significant construction work! For those who are undecided or do not want to commit to a single backsplash for a long period of time, vinyl is an excellent choice since it peels off quickly and leaves no residue. The best part is that this whole job was completed in less than a day! Find out how to do it right here.

Pinwheel Backsplash in Black and White – Do It Yourself

Apply adhesive vinyl in a variety of designs to your backsplash to give it a fresh new appearance. Brynner Delanson captured this image. An even more straightforward DIY kitchen backsplash option is to cut bigger sheets of patterned vinyl to fit the size of your backsplash. Use them to cover the backsplash area like wallpaper.

Because the vinyl is very wipeable, it is an excellent option for regions that are subjected to splatters. Kitchen Designers use this method to create a quatrefoil-patterned vinyl adhesive, which she shared on her blog. Despite the fact that the vinyl seems to be an elaborate tile or stencil pattern, it is really a vinyl glue that is placed over a painted wall using a roller.

Backsplash with a gray and white striped vinyl design

The quatrefoil pattern on this backsplash is really an adhesive vinyl that was placed over gray paint to get the desired effect of the design. Begin by painting the wall around her backsplash a gray color, following which she measured and cut the adhesive vinyl. Which she then placed once the paint had dried.

Backsplash with a Geometric Pattern in Gray and White

With the use of stencils, you may create a geometric design that resembles the appearance of patterned tile.

Replace your existing backsplash with a new one.

In order to add an immediate burst of color or brightness to your backsplash, one of the simplest methods is to simply paint over the existing tile or drywall. Painting a drab brown tile, a solid bright color, as seen on the lifestyle website a Beautiful Mess, is an easy way to get this look.

A variety of other popular pins illustrate more sophisticated painting methods, such as using stencils to create the appearance of tiling patterns. Here’s how to stencil a basic herringbone design in paint using a stenciling tool.

Install a Beadboard Backsplash in your kitchen

This cheap and readily available material will give your kitchen a clean, bright white appearance while also saving you money. (This backsplash was completed for a total of $30!) Additionally, its crisp, white hue and clean lines are excellent for giving the appearance of more space in tiny kitchens.

It can be placed quickly and simply since it comes in one big sheet that can be trimmed to suit the area of your backsplash. Additionally, there is no need to remove an existing backsplash since beadboard is very lightweight and can be placed over the existing material using adhesive or liquid nails, saving time and money.

And, if you don’t like a simple white finish, you can easily paint it! Pro tip: If you’re painting your beadboard. Use a durable and wipeable paint to make cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen a breeze.

Using peel-and-stick tiles

Tiles are a traditional backsplash material, but you don’t have to go through all of the effort of installing them. Peel-and-stick fake tiles remove the need for messy and time-consuming grout and tile work. While also lowering the overall cost of the job.

If you wish to alter up your design in a year or two. These adhesive fake tiles are heat and moisture resistant. And they are simple to remove from the wall. On Amazon, you can buy them in a variety of colors and patterns, including a clean and basic imitation subway tile appearance, as well as damask patterns and more vibrant colors.

Make a Faux-Brick Backsplash for your kitchen.

In the same way that fake tile may save you time and money. Fake brick can give your home an unexpectedly polished appearance while saving you time and money. Nothing more than attaching fake brick paneling. Which can be bought at Home Depot, over an existing backsplash would suffice for this project.

Imitation Brick:

Because the imitation brick is lightweight, it is simple to install; it may be fastened to the wall using liquid nails. The brick paneling is trimmed to suit the backsplash area as well as the electrical outlets on the wall. You may paint over the brick and even give it a little distressed finish. To make it seem more genuine in appearance. The faux-brick backsplash of one was painted white. And faded with a wet cloth to give the appearance of a rustic whitewashed brick finish.

Roof tiles may be used to create a metal backsplash

Decorative metal roofing tiles are yet another excellent choice for creating a cost-effective and visually appealing backsplash. This kind of tin tile may be bought at a reasonable price at Home Depot. They have a high-end appearance. But they are reasonably priced and simple to install over existing tile using heavy-duty adhesive. And they readily hide any existing grout lines as well.

Laminate flooring may be used to create a backsplash

Pallet walls are popular right now. But installing them with genuine wood may be time-consuming. And costly due to the time it takes to dry the wood. Laminated hardwood floors provide a contemporary. And homely appearance that is less costly than tile or genuine wood. And is much simpler to install than either. The flooring is simple to cut and fit to your specific area. And it can be installed using a brad mailer if you have one.

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