Secure Data Wipe Program: What Does It Do?

The Secure Data wipe program is one of several applications designed to erase all kinds of data from an external USB flash drive or SD card and prevent any subsequent access to them by the same user or device. This application is designed to provide data protection to both the data on the flash drive and any attached SD cards so that if someone accidentally deletes data from an external storage device, they are unable to re-install the data back onto the same method.

The Secure Data Wipe Program is designed to delete the data from any USB flash drives or SD Cards that have been placed in an externally connected USB drive or external USB card reader. It is a great feature to have but is often overlooked. In fact, the Secure Data wipe program is also used on the Mac platform where it protects files that have been copied onto an external storage device. Once the software is installed on the system. It can be configured to automatically erase any kind of removable drive in its path.

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Secure data wipe

Why should you do Secure Data Wipe?

There are many reasons why you would need to install the Secure Data Wipe Program. When you overwrite the entire data of the device that has been placed into the ‘overprovisioning’ mode, some old data blocks may (and probably will) still remain in the overwritten region. Leaving traces of residual data behind. Fortunately, the only real way to safely erase an external USB flash drive is with the manufacturer’s secure wipe tool.

When the removable media is put into the USB mode. And the Secure Data wipe program is not installed. The software will create and introduce a series of security settings that will prevent you from being able to copy the data from the external media to another device. The software is set to encrypt each sector of the storage device and create a unique encryption key for each storage device that is placed into the USB drive. The key is used to encrypt each file in the storage device. Then the data is encrypted using an encryption algorithm that is unique to each device. The encryption keys created by the Secure Data wipe program are then stored itself.

Secure Data Wipe

How to remove USB?

If you accidentally erase a removable USB storage device or an SD card. There is a slight possibility that the Secure Data wipe program may malfunction. And delete files that are actually still on the device. The only way that you can determine this is by performing a factory reset on the device. If the Secure Data wipe program fails to function correctly. You will be able to restore your data with the help of a disk utility that comes preinstalled with the software. However, you will likely need to perform a factory reset at least once. Before you will be able to copy any data from the device itself.

After the factory reset. You should then be able to copy any data from the device onto a compatible SD card. After the copying process is complete. You should ensure that you use the secure wipe program to create a backup of your data. On a separate drive and then recover the data onto a regular SD card.

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