Seven factors that affect glass splashbacks longevity

Versatile, healthy, and stunning—no it’s the wonder that architects and designers worldwide use glass splashbacks. As manufacturers and installers of safe, reliable and immaculate glass solutions, here are the top advantages of glass splashbacks.

Full customisation

Glass splashbacks are absolutely adjustable, ensuring custom kitchen designs. This makes GPO positioning and appliance incorporation a breeze, thus opening up other possibilities for a splashback, including kitchen, industrial and corporate uses.

Extra info

glass splashbacks

Make sure it’s completely transparent, that it feels like a glass splashbacks

The acrylic Creative Splashbacks use looks just like glass and is much more pleasing than glass with almost no green tint. It’s as simple as the optical lenses.

There is a significant disparity between acrylic optically transparent and acrylic more inadequate standard. One looks just like glass splashbacks, and the other looks like coloured plastic/vinyl.

Even, with our acrylic splashbacks painted on the back-like glass splashbacks-you have a beautiful depth of colour. And there is no chance that the colour will be worn, scratched or chipped during use and cleaning.

Compare the cost of Gross

Most acrylic glass splashbacks are provided in single sheets of a specified dimension. And note, though the cost per meter could be smaller, you’re having to buy a whole sheet of paper and pay for anything you don’t want. This also makes it less costly to cut-to-size because you don’t pay for the excess.

Include any cutting fees as well. Few vendors charge exorbitant prices to cut acrylic splashbacks, although others do not offer cut-to-size splashbacks at all. And if you miss it yourself, you will have to make a consideration of your time and work.

Glass splashbacks

Can this come with a piece?

If you want to cut and have to trim it yourself, inquire if it comes with a playing piece. This is a smaller piece that you can use to verify the cutting operation first. You don’t want to get this wrong on your ‘live’ reports; it can get costly when you start removing the panels.

Glass splashbacks are inherently more sturdy and scratch-resistant relative to stainless steel and tiled alternatives. On top of that, glass splashbacks are strengthened by a sequence of stringent heating and cooling procedures.

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