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Shower screens Melbourne is unquestionably the focal point of a bathroom. And choosing the correct showerscreen whether building a new bathroom or remodeling an existing bathroom may be critical to achieving the picture-perfect result.

What is a Frameless Shower Screens Melbourne?

Because it is not enclosing by a frame. As the name proposes, the frameless shower screen is construct of toughen glass with no frame. As a result, light is allow to pass through the edges of the glass. Making the area seem lighter and brighter. Frame shower screens serve their purpose. But frameless shower doors go one step further by adding to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

The primary reason why many people in Australia choose frameless shower screens Melbourne is because they have a minimalist look that is a fantastic alternative to fully-frame shower doors. Which are more expensive. Given that Australia is still a comparatively young country in terms of architecture and design. Architects and designers have the flexibility to create contemporary and cutting-edge environments. A frameless shower screen’s straightforward. But contemporary form allows it to effortlessly fit in with a wide range of colors, fixtures, and other design components. Making it the most popular option among architects and interior designers alike.

The Advantages of Installing a Frameless Shower Screens Melbourne

How Much Does It Cost?

The increasing popularity of frameless showers has result in their being an inexpensive and cost-effective choice for both renovators and new house builders. They are often somewhat costlier than frame or semi-frame screens. But this is because you are paying for a high-quality product that will increase the value of your house over time.

Design and function are intertwine

One of the primary reasons why many people choose frameless shower screens over other choices is the distinct visual appeal that frameless shower screens have when compare to other solutions. Because frameless shower screens Melbourne do not need a bulky metal frame that may detract from the overall appearance of the bathroom. You can easily convert your bathroom into a more spacious and contemporary space with little effort. Showers with no frames are also a very practical and durable choice for any bathroom. Regardless of their design. They are a design that will undoubtedly be fashionable for many years to come.

Low maintenance requirements and a long warranty

It is important to consider the maintenance needs of frameless shower screens before making a purchase. Using frameless shower screens in your bathroom has a number of advantages. One of which is that there are fewer moving parts. Which means there are fewer possibilities for components to fail or malfunction. With a 7-year warranty on all shower screen products. You can be certain that these screens will withstand the test of time and provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

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Shower Screens Melbourne

There are a variety of options.

The numerous choices and designs available for frameless shower screens make them the prefer choice for homeowners who want to transform their bathroom into a visually attractive space, regardless of the size or color of the room or the design you’re aiming for. Any finish is available, but the most popular are polish chrome, satin or brush chrome, matte black, brush nickel, and brass. We also provide a variety of other finishes.

Frameless shower screens are available in a variety of styles.

When it comes to frameless shower installations, the options are virtually limitless in terms of design. There is no one recipe for installing a frameless shower, and it may be install in any bathroom. However, there are a handful of the most popular layouts, which are as follows:

Shower Screens with Fix Panels

A single board with a thick piece of glass, as the name implies, is all that is need to complete this project. Many times 10mm glass is utilize, but we are beginning to see considerably thicker glass, up to 15mm thick, that instantly grabs the interest of any visiting visitor or prospective customer! Fasten panels are often either recess into the wall and tiles, or they are fix with an aluminum U-Channel to the wall and tiles. Brackets may also be utilize to provide additional support, depending on the required width, but the recessed installation is the most aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Shower with a Fixed Panel

Installing a fixed panel shower is also extremely easy and quick due to the fact that there are no entrances or other panels to line up. Because it is a single sheet of glass with no holes and requires just a few minutes to install, turnaround time for these types of screens is typically quite short.

Shower Screens Melbourne that go from wall to wall

It is usual to have glass throughout the entire span with a door in the center, or a door on each end, of the planned screen if there are walls on either side of it. Because of the limited area available, wall-to-wall installations are best served by a sliding shower system.

Instead, if hinges are desired, the door may be hinged off panels adjacent to the door or directly to the wall, depending on the design. Everything is dependent on the other conditions that must be dealt with in the space.

Shower Screens in the Shape of a L or a Corner

When it comes to frameless shower screens Melbourne, the L-shaped or corner shower screen is one of the most popular configurations available. Most showers in existing bathrooms will be positioned in the corner of the room, making this layout a popular choice for bathroom remodeling projects. A sliding door system or a hinged door system, depending on the space, may be appropriate for this kind of arrangement once again.

Shower Screens Melbourne for Over Bathtubs

One side over bathtub shower screens are the best choice for extremely tiny bathrooms where the bath and shower are combined into a single space, such as powder rooms. This technique still allows for a frameless shower, and it has the added benefit of making the room seem much larger and brighter than the traditional framed beholding screens did before it. We have discovered that these screens are very popular, particularly in the remodeling sector.

Shower Screens Melbourne

V2 Opti Sliding Shower System installed on a sliding door

If the architecture of the bathroom precludes the use of a pivot door, you may install a V2 Opti Sliding door system instead of a pivot door. This sliding frameless shower door is used in bathrooms when there is insufficient space to accommodate a pivoting door.

While sliding door installations are somewhat more complex than those of a hinged system, the results are very stunning. The optical sliding shower system is very adaptable, and it can be customized to fit applications like as wall to wall, square, and corner configurations, making it an excellent choice for any bathroom.

Components That Are Necessary

Various components make up frameless showers, however they all have the same characteristics:


In Australia, the most often used glass for frameless shower screens is 10mm clear toughened safety glass, which is available in a variety of colors. It is also tempered, which means it is more robust and long-lasting than conventional screens, which were prone to cracking and chipping when compared to their traditional counterparts.

As an added bonus, frameless showers utilize glass that is much thicker than that used in framed or semi-frameless shower screens, which gives the bathroom an air of quality and solidity that is hard to match.

Low Iron or Crystal-Clear toughened glass, which is a variant of the regular clear toughened glass, is also used in frameless shower enclosures. This glass has a reduced iron concentration, which helps to eliminate some of the green tint that may often be observed in glass when exposed to specific lighting conditions. For a short period of time.

The usage of larger glass sizes in shower screens, such as 12 and 15mm glass, is also becoming increasingly common. The usage of even stronger glass in shower screens is likely to increase in popularity over the next several years, according to predictions.


Most of the time, the choice of shower screen hardware will be dictated by the layout that will be utilized in the bathroom. The use of a door will be necessary if the screen will be completely contained on all sides, either by walls or glass. Doors may be hinged to walls or other panels of glass, or they can glide parallel to the wall with support from the side panels.

Hinges are the most often used piece of door hardware because they are easy to install and have a high life expectancy. Except for the occasional cleaning of the hinges’ exteriors, they need no further continuing care. High-quality hinges will be made of brass and coated with a robust coating to guarantee that they will last for a long time against corrosion and degradation. You can see our whole selection of shower hinges by clicking here.

Shower Doors:

Shower doors that slide open are also an option, thanks to our Opti Sliding Shower system. The layouts of this system are also adaptable to a wide range of situations. Sliding shower doors are an excellent choice for bathrooms with limited space because they may minimize the amount of “dead space” that can occur during the opening arc of a conventional hinged shower door.


Brackets are often used to hold fixed panels of glass in place, whether they are attached to the wall, the floor, or between panels of glass.

It is not always vital to use a mechanical fastening bracket, but when dealing with big and heavy panels, it is the harmless and most effective choice. Brackets will always be offered in the same finish as the hinges to guarantee that the final product is consistent and flawless.

Brackets are needed for both operable shower screens with doors and fixed panel only showers, where the only thing between the two pieces of glass is a thick piece of glass.

Knobs and Handles:

Shower screens are also available with a variety of knobs and handles to complete the shower door’s appearance. In addition to being offer in the same finishes as the hinge and bracket hardware, Knobs & Handles are also obtainable in an assortment of forms, sizes & profiles to fit the client’s taste and the style of the bathroom.

Water Seals:

Water seals and bars, which assist to prevent water from leaking out of the shower enclosure, are further components that complete a shower screen installation. The usage of these is not always necessary, but they may be beneficial in places where floors or walls are uneven, or tiles create gaps below the shower door, which can assist enhance the functioning.

  • Chrome that has been polish
  • Satin chrome is a kind of chrome that has a satin sheen to it.
  • Matte black (no sheen)
  • Stainless steel with a brush nickel finish
  • Brush brass gunmetal brush brass gunmetal

What is the finest way to obtain a frameless shower?

The professionals at Forge Hardware can guide you through each stage of the installation procedure if you are a homeowner looking to have a frameless shower screen install. We are a group of industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the glass business.

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Shower Screens Melbourne


Frameless glass showers are a must-have in any contemporary bathroom, and there are many reasons why. You are instantly transfixing by their presence since you had no idea that a restroom could be both aesthetically pleasing. And useful at the same time, until now. The following are six compelling arguments for why renovating your bathroom is one of your greatest investments.

Beautifully craft from an aesthetic standpoint

A frameless glass shower is extremely beautiful in its simplicity. The simplicity of the design is both fascinating and soothing in the greatest possible manner. Friends and family that visit will undoubtedly appreciate the contemporary. And sleek appearance of a frameless glass shower since it brings.

So much lighter and openness into what might otherwise be a cramp bathroom environment.  You’ll want to spend more period in your bathroom now that you’ve add this beautiful centerpiece to the area!


Additionally, the fact that they are corrosion-free is an advantage of frameless shower screens. There is no longer a need for plastic or metal frames that collect water and transform into mold production facilities. You would be able to see water droplets effortlessly sliding down the glass. Simple wiping away any excess water with a towel. Or window washer can help to keep the glass looking its best.

Customizable to the highest degree

Each piece of glass must be manufacture to order in order to fit into your bathroom area properly. This guarantees that water will not be able to escape. You may also select between one or more glass panels, depending on the design you want to achieve.

Cleanliness is not a problem.

Did we reference that frameless glass showers are a breeze to maintain and clean? There are no grooves to clean or curtains to change, therefore there is no maintenance. There’s nothing more to it than some water on glass. And a few stainless-steel metal hardware bits to hold it in place.

This product is build to last a lifetime.

Glass products are build to endure a lifetime, and your contemporary frameless glass shower will be no exception. In the near future. There will be no need to replace your frameless glass shower screen since they will not go out of style!

Increases the value of a property

The presence of a contemporary bathroom with a frameless glass shower is certain to impress potential homeowners. Who are on the viewpoint for their ideal house in the city? Because it is the area that everyone will see when they come to visit. A contemporary bathroom will enhance the whole house. You can really wow your visitors by designing a bathroom that is both elegant. And minimalist in the best possible manner.

Shower Screens Melbourne Installations:

The cost of installing an electric shower

Electric showers are one of the most general kinds of showers that you’ll find in houses across the United Kingdom. Their operation is simple. They are link to your cold-water supply and use a heating element to heat the water. Making them an outstanding choice if you need immediate hot water.

When purchasing an electric shower. Be sure to verify the kW rating it has – the greater the rating. The better the shower. The typical cost of a basic electric shower installation will be approximately £300. Which includes both the delivery and installation of the shower.

The cost of a mixer shower

When you use a mixer shower. Water from both your home’s hot and cold-water sources is mix together to reach the desire temperature. Due to the detail that this kind of shower does not heat any of the water. It is dependent on your boiler or heat tank for the provision of hot water. This will raise the cost of installing your new shower.

The cost of installing a power shower

If you want a strong, high-pressure shower, then a power shower is what you’re searching for. A power showers. Which is often mistake with electric shower units due to their similar appearance. Is equip with an internal pump that substantially boosts water pressure.

Thermostatic showers are expensive.

In order to detect temperature changes. Thermostatic showers utilize a system of internal valves in conjunction with a sensor that monitors temperature variations in the water.

Water temperature is control before it exits the shower head by the shower unit. Avoiding scorching or drastic fluctuations in temperature when the shower head is turn on. The cost to install a new shower unit will vary base on the brand and model of the shower unit. Just as it would with any other shower type.

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