12 Seater Van Hire

12 Seater Van Hire Top Benefits Explained In Detail

What is the best passenger transport vehicle options? The answer to this question depends on your requirements. What are the major requirements of clients? As a leading vehicle rental service in Melbourne, we analyze such details and include the vehicles that fulfil all our clients’ requirements. 

A people mover should be secured and comfortable vehicle. Therefore, we offer you the best for mass passenger transport. A 12-seater van is a better choice for it. 

Bus Hire And Van Hire: When it comes to mass passenger transport, you may consider minibuses. In many developed countries, buses are used for public transport systems. However, is it practical for private travel needs? You need a trained driver to operate a bus safely. 

12 Seater Van Hire

On many occasions, a 12-seater van may come as a “minibus.” A minibus is a van that comprises seats for over 12 passengers. While you need a special driver’s license for driving a bus, you can drive a van with a car license. 

  • At Lion Car Rentals, we offer the 12-seater van hire package as a replacement for buses. 
  • Thus, if the passenger group comprises 10-12 individuals, this vehicle is the top choice, then. 
  • How about for mass passenger transport? For example, when about 20 passengers are there to travel? In this case, as well, the 12 seater bus or van is the top choice. To cover the whole passenger number, you will need two vans. This option is still more affordable than a large bus hire. 

Comfort And Luxury: Passenger transport services have to fulfil these requirements for clients. A van is a luxury vehicle that comes with many features that of cars. For long-term and short-term travel needs such as if you operate a passenger transport service, then you will benefit from coming to a deal with a vehicle renter in Melbourne. 

Why comfort and luxury? Let’s say you run a tour service. Melbourne is a city that holds many travel destinations. Thus, many thousands of local and foreign travellers visit Melbourne a few times a year. 

  1. Car hire service is a top choice among these local and foreign travellers. 
  2. You can get a package with a driver or the vehicle only. 
  3. A standard car is sufficient for 3-4 passengers. For mass passenger transport needs, such as over eight passengers included, then a 12 Seater Van Hire is a sound choice. 

In Australia, summer is the peak travelling season. However, summer is a hot season. Hence, you need an air-conditioned vehicle, and all modern vans come with this feature. 

During winter, the temperature levels drop below the comfortable range. Therefore, you need a vehicle that comes with the heating option, too. Our vans include all these features for your comfort. 

Time And Money Save: Let’s say eight passengers are there to travel! What would be your choice here? Would you book two standard cars? What are the disadvantages of this choice? If you need a driver to operate the car, then you need two drivers in this case. Two cars and two drivers — understandably, it costs you more money. 

12 Seater Van Hire

12-seater van hire is an affordable option that saves you money in the long run. This van requires only one driver. Or, you can drive it with your general driver’s license. Ultimately, you have to pay only for one driver and one vehicle. How much money would you save? 

When the whole passenger group travels in one vehicle, it saves a lot of time. A quick tip: make sure the driver you choose for vehicle operation is an experienced individual. If you prefer driving the van yourself, which is possible, but you should also know that Melbourne’s roads are busy during the peak season. As a result, driving the big van on those crowded roads becomes a real challenge. 

How To Book Car Truck Rentals Services?: The process is straightforward. Any vehicle can be booked online today. However, you should choose the right vehicle that fulfils all your requirements. 

Only a limited number of car renters in Melbourne offer this 12-seater van as an option, and Lion Car Rentals is one of those. Please call us today for more information on how the renting process takes place. 

Some Final Words: When considering features and advantages, the 12 seater van hire is the best option for mass passenger transport requirements. We offer this aid at affordable rates. 

Moreover, all our cars, vans, and trucks are in super-condition. We guarantee that those luxury cars and vans keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey. 

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