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Facts That Downgrade Immigration Lawyer Melbourne Service

A law firm or an individual lawyer who has mastered Australian immigration law becomes your saviour when it comes to complicated visa application processes. When analyzing the current trend, it is 100% safe to say that many visa applicants struggle with those difficult-to-achieve aspects. 

The fact that the Australian government did modify the immigration law of the country to control illegal immigration is your top challenge to overcome. 

Immigration Lawyer Melbourne Service: These lawyers and law firms are there whole across Australia. However, the service operating in the Melbourne region is local aid. As a visa applicant who lives in Melbourne, would you hire a law firm that is located on the other end of Australia? When you hire this service, you may expect the following:

  • A thorough pre-assessment that confirms your eligibility for a legal visa extension.
  • What is the most practical and guaranteed visa extension for you? For example, a 457 visa or any other possibilities? 
  • The current immigration law is full of complicated requirements and aspects. Therefore, you need expert advice on those to understand it in detail. We call it advisory services. 
  • Once the right visa extension method clarified, the lawyer does all paperwork for the client. 
  • In any case when the visa office refuses your claim, then appeal or take the case to the immigration court. 

Thus, those are, in a way, the responsibilities of Immigration Lawyer Melbourne services. What if the lawyer or law firm you have chosen doesn’t fulfil these elements? Unfortunately, it happens today. However, a genuine and reputable legal advice service would never fail you. 

Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

Any service or products would get downgraded through client dissatisfaction. Applying for an Australian visa is a turning point in your life. Getting approval is even significant. Let’s say you hire a migration lawyer in the Melbourne CBD! Your visa requirement was an employer-sponsored visa. Sorting out an employment visa is a hectic task. Similarly, a partner visa requires a lot of paperwork and proof. 

Hence, registered migration agents in Melbourne is the only choice for it. The top fact that downgrades this service is when the lawyer charges money, but stops the service at the halfway point. Or, the visa applicant fell for a completely fake lawyer service. 

Online Reviews On Immigration Lawyer Melbourne Service: Have you ever come across negative online reviews about this service? Australian migration is, in a way, restricted now. Thus, any lawyer who charges money from clients should perform many actions and tasks for the benefit of the client. 

Once in a while, a client may go through a series of dissatisfaction as he/she chose the wrong law service. In the end, they criticize the whole service on the Internet. However, that doesn’t mean all immigration lawyer Melbourne services are dishonest ones. Below is a list of times when you should be extra careful when choosing your lawyer:

  1. Skilled visas.
  2. Family law and visas.
  3. Partner visa.
  4. Employer-sponsored visa. 
  5. Visa appeals and court representations. 

How To Recover?: There is no point in discussing only the facts that downgrade this precious aid. Unfortunately, you could be a visa applicant who fell for a shoddy lawyer. Thus, you have already wasted a lot of money and time. In this case, time is the most crucial factor. Australian immigration law is pretty strict about deadlines. 

For example, if your visa expires within a month, then you should immediately extend it via a legal method. Even when a day or two has passed, then you become an overstayer. An overstayer is a person who stays in Australia illegally. 

Therefore, the recovery process should start as early as possible. Do your online research and discover a reputable immigration lawyer Melbourne service. They are the ones who would assist you with your visa including appeals or other law aspects. However, an established law firm can protect you to a greater extent. They would take immediate actions that prevent you from deportation. How quickly you react and hire this trustworthy law firm is your saviour, though!

Can You Take Actions Against Shoddy Lawyers?: Australia is a country that doesn’t tolerate ill-practices. Therefore, you can take legal actions against the immigration lawyer Melbourne service that failed you. You can even get the wasted money back through compensations. 

A crucial tip: Don’t waste time searching for ways to take legal actions against the shoddy lawyer first. The fact that you are running out of a visa or valid stay is the issue to address first. The visa office only focuses on the immigration side. Thus, hire a reputable immigration lawyer without any delays and secure yourself first? 

Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

Demel Lawyers: We are a full-service provider. No matter your visa requirement, we can fulfil it for you. Apart from immigration law services, we have extended our aids towards other law requirements of clients. Therefore, if you fell for a fake lawyer, but now you are searching for a way to recover from it, then we are your saviour. 

Through our well-qualified lawyer team, we secure you and prevent you from deportation. We advise that you meet us in person as early as possible, though.

Closing Thoughts: Any service or product in this world would get a negative review by one ill-practice. However, that doesn’t mean the whole service in the industry is dishonest. 

For trustworthy immigration lawyer Melbourne services, hire a law firm like Demel Lawyers!

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