6 Very Simple Things You Can Do To Save Steel Security Door

Steel Security Door

It can be an expensive, time consuming and painstaking job to repair damage to sliding glass or sliding steel security door frames. You should know, that repairing damage to these door frames, will cost you a lot of money, especially when the damage is on a very large or expensive door.

Replacing the entire door or frames may cost you thousands of dollars, depending on what type of door you have. If your door is made of wood, you will need to hire a contractor who has experience in wood framing doors. Contractors will also need specialized tools such as hammers, presses, drills, screwdrivers and levellers for this type of Steel Security Door repair.

Most homeowners find it easy to replace the entire steel security door. However, replacing the entire door, including the frames, will cost more, because you will also need to purchase all the necessary hardware for replacement.

Steel Security Door

Some homeowners prefer to replace the fly screen panels since they are easier to install and cheaper to replace. However, the drawback of having replaced the fly screen panels is, that the security of your home may be compromised. Installing new fly screens will increase the security level of your home.

How to save to buy a house?

To save on the expense, you can either do the replacement or installation yourself. For the installation, you will only need a screwdriver and panel cutters for the trimming job, as well as a hammer and nails for the frames. For the sliding door panels, you will need to purchase the same hardware that you would for the frames.

To save even more money, you can purchase a used sliding door panel with new frames. If your existing door frame is still in good shape, it is an option to just repair the frame.

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steel security door

One thing to note before starting the job is that the frames should be slightly damaged to the point that they cannot be opened easily. This means that you should have bent the frames slightly. To determine this, you can tap the door to make sure that the door opens and closes properly. If it does not open or closes smoothly, it may mean that the frame is already bent. It will be more difficult to replace the door if it is already bent, so be sure to test it first.

Fixing door Frames:

Once you are sure that the door frame is not bent, you can replace it. When you are fixing the door frames, it is best to use a set of tools such as a hammer and nails or a screwdriver. This is because you do not want to damage the door by using too much force when replacing the frame.

Before you start removing the old frames, make sure that you seal around all sides and corners to avoid dust from getting inside your house. It will also prevent further damage to the door. Now it is time to replace the door panels.

Steel Security Door

The next step is to remove the old panels that were attached to the frame. Remember to keep them away from the doorway to prevent further damage. Then you need to measure the dimensions of your entrance door and make a new panel according to the measurements.

You can choose to make a panel that will cover your entire steel security door or just part of it. You can then replace the panels that you have removed into the frame and re-tighten everything.

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